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Assisted Living - Knowing When Your Loved One Needs It And Other Helpful Facts

by Stacey C

How Do I Know If My Loved One Needs An Assisted Living Facility?

The topic of Assisted Living can be a very touchy one and should be handled with great care. Sometimes it can be hard to know when it’s time to seek an Assisted Living Facility.

Here are some signs that could mean your loved one may need an Assisted Living Facility:

1. They are suddenly less social and become very reclusive.

2. Tasks that were once easy have become difficult and labored.

3. They are having trouble taking their medication properly, miss doses or take too many pills.

4. They aren’t eating as well as they used to and seem to have suddenly lost weight.

5. The house isn’t kept up the way it used to be- laundry isn’t done and groceries haven’t been bought.

6. They are having trouble taking care of their own personal hygiene- showering regularly, washing their hair and brushing their teeth, ect.

Signs such as these could mean your loved one would benefit from an Assisted Living Facility. As difficult as it is, this means it’s time to broach the topic and do some research to find potential facilities. If you are too close to the individual who’s health is in question, ask a friend or an extended family member to visit and see if they feel that they could benefit from the services an Assisted Living facility. It is often hard to look at a loved one and admit they can no longer care for their own basic needs, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s a hard time for everyone involved.

So let’s look at the upside of things. Your loved one needs a little help and may be moving into an Assisted Living Facility very soon. This means big changes, but not all of them are bad! Here are some of the great things they will love about their new home:

1. Assisted Living generally carries negative connotation but many people who are living in these facilities enjoy life even more then before! It gives them a chance to remain independent and get the help they need without feeling like a burden to their family and friends. In fact, some move in simply for the social aspect of it!

2. Assisted Living is fun! Most facilities have regularly scheduled events to keep everyone active, meeting new people and having a good time. Whether it be a game of cards with your neighbor, a few drinks before dinner with old friends, or movie night with new residents, there is always something going on to keep them upbeat and enjoying life.

3. Assisted Living offers much more privacy then nursing homes. Each resident will have their own personal room and space to call their own. They can decorate it however they please and have whatever furniture they want, which makes them feel more comfortable. Residents are also free to spend their day however they wish- that decision is theirs to make freely.

So as you can see, although moving a loved one into an Assisted Living Facility can be a tough decision, it isn’t necessarily a bad one. Once they get settled in (and with a little time they will), they will feel very comfortable and at ease with their new home.

Stacey Crevoiserat works for NewSunGraphics, who represent The Lake Shore -a respectable assisted living facility located in the heart of Long Island on beautiful Lake Ronkonkoma where residents can enjoy the great outdoors, fishing, shopping and many other facility activities. The Lake Shore offers a friendly atmosphere with many great activities and top of the line facility staff.

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