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Assisted living or independent living? See which is right for you

There was a time during the early eighties when many families were looking for senior living options for their aging family member that was more than a nursing home. Fortunately, the demand led to the creation of numerous senior care facilities that have become the refuge of older people. Seniors have not only found a safe and reliable home but also reinvented their lives after retirement.   It is a new journey and has given a new meaning to their lives. The senior homes are places that help people to become a part of a community that shares similar views about leading life independently. The community that provides opportunities for living life on your own terms is the choice of all seniors, but it has to match with expectations of the individuals.

Fundamentally, there are many kinds of living options for seniors, but which would be suitable depends on your health, expectations, and budget. Remember that you get what you pay for. Before selecting the retirement community, evaluate your suitability by knowing which kind of living would be suitable for you.

Independent living

When you are active and can do all your work on your own, you are a fit candidate for choosing the standalone living option.  If you can maintain an active lifestyle and manage your personal needs including medications by yourself, you are in a position to live life on your terms albeit in an assisted living facility, away from your family. People who are inclined to spend more time to pursue their passions choose this kind of living that includes meals prepared by chefs, housekeeping and many more services.

Most retirement community members begin with independent living and as they grow old, gradually move over to assisted living that allows them to enjoy life in the same way but with some assistance.

Assisted living

You enjoy the same level of independence in assisted living. The only difference is that the little inconvenience that you face in accomplishing your daily tasks is adequately taken care by the staff of the facility that looks after all your needs.  It is normal that as age progresses, people tend to lose some of their abilities either due to aging or some sickness that prevent them from doing some daily tasks. If you need some assistance in bathing, dressing, or medications, help is always near at hand that would make you forget about your deficiencies. To avail the option of maximizing your enjoyment of living, you can choose the services that offer personalized care plans.

It is an exciting experience to join a new community and have a fresh look at life from another side. You make friends, explore locales, gorge on ready to eat meals prepared by chefs, and live a stress-free life at home away from home.

 Evaluate your abilities and ambitions that contribute to the choice of living. How much self-sufficient you are will determine the choice because even if you need the slightest help to make life easy, then assisted living is the only choice.

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