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Choosing the Right Mobility Aids

If you’re having difficulty getting from A to B, then there are hundreds of mobility aids out there to help you. They can help you so that you are safe and don’t hurt yourself when you’re on the move. However, there are a vast range of different type of mobility aids and then different types within them too. So choosing the right one for you can be difficult. Your physical capabilities should be evaluated by your doctor or primary caregiver and they will be able to recommend the best type of mobility aid for you.


A cane is usually used for one of two reasons, balance or weight bearing. If you only need a cane to improve your balance, then a cane with a single tip will work for you, but if you need a cane to bear your weight, then you’ll need a cane that splits into four different tips.

Mobility Scooters

A battery powered option of getting about may seem tempting, but you must remember that it is an investment. If you can sit upright by yourself and can steer with two hands and operate the controls, then a mobility scooter will be perfect for you. If not, then consider a powered wheelchair. You should consider whether the scooter will be able to cope with the weight that it may need to carry. You should consider not only your own weight, but also anything you want it to carry, such as shopping. Think about where your scooter will be stored, and how it will be transported.


If your balance or walking issues are too sever for a cane, but not enough for a mobility scooter, then you should consider a walker. A standard walker without wheels must be picked up to move. This is good for people with stability issues, but doesn’t allow you to move very fast. Most people opt for two wheeled or four wheeled walkers that allow you to lean and walk at the same time.


Wheelchairs are usually recommended by a doctor, nurse or therapist, so you’ll already know which type to go for. You will determine requirements such as back height, width weight and level of support that you need with your caregiver. There is, however, a number of different styles available, as well as ones designed for different things, like sport for example.

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