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Conquire Hip and Knee Pain with Help from Depuy (Sponsored)

The last thing you want to worry about is hip or knee pain when you're trying to enjoy all that life has to offer. Thankfully, DePuy is a global leader in finding solutions in orthopaedics, spinal care, sports medicine and neurosciences. 

As part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, DePuy has successfully helped many men overcome hip and knee discomfort to return to living a normal life. Check out this video that shows how Depuy was able to help a real-life patient with one of their many movement solutions.

Patients featured in this video series include a devoted cyclist named John, who underwent total hip replacement surgery and is now able to return to his active lifestyle. Another patient highlighted includes a forestry serviceman named Bill who received full knee replacements using the DePuy SIGMA® Knee System and is now able to pursue his passions free of knee pain. 

Head to DePuy's YouTube Channel (hyperlink: to hear more anecdotes from DePuy patients and see how you can live life to the fullest without letting your knee or hip pain get in your way. 

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