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EMS On Site For Events: Private Ambulances

One of the most important things that you should consider when planning for an event, party, or celebration, is to find ways to limit your risks and liabilities especially when it comes to first aid and medical coverage. For gatherings composed of many people, a first aid kit simply isn’t sufficient to handle possible medical problems that might arise during the event. If your event happens to be hosting senior citizens you become even more vulnerable to medical liabilities.

When choosing the right medical provider for your upcoming event or for the many events that you are hosting (if you are an event organizer), you need to ensure that the medical provider has good qualifications, expertise, capability, capacity, and most of all, is reliable.

Among the few questions that you might want to ask the lineup of EMS on site for events providers that want to serve you are the following:

  • If they are government-certified to provide stand by medical services

  • If they provide work cover insurance for their staff

  • If they have public medical and liability insurance

  • If they are licensed to use restricted pain relief

  • If their nurses and medical staff are permitted to treat outside of a hospital

Be aware that there may be updated regulations regarding standby medical services that affect their capability to serve you. These medical providers need to licensed to serve as standby providers and qualified medical staff.  They need to have the training and qualification to administer various types of medical services.

Experienced staffs will include First Respondents, Basic and Advanced Medical Assistants, Paramedics, Patient Transport Officers, Ambulance Officers and Attendants, Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics and an Advanced First Aid Team.

Make sure that the EMS On Site for Events and its private ambulance can cover a complete package starting from the planning stage to the post-event matters.  Among these events that EMS on site cover are parties, and celebrations (birthdays, weddings, reunions, etc.) and sporting events  such as basketball and football events. Ensure that the EMS on site has the capability to handle big events and has spare private ambulances and facilities just in case some issues arise.

Aside from having state-of-the-art facilities and qualified, trained staff, the EMS on site for events provider must also have the experience and expertise to ensure a safe delivery of patients to the hospital just in case there is a major emergency that needs hospital treatment and assistance.

It is advised that you do some research of the best private ambulance service that you can hire for your events. Recommendations from friends should become a great factor in choosing your EMS team.

Years of effective service and experience can also prove the credibility and reliability of an EMS site for events so do some research, call them and ask more about their services. Surely, you can find one that will suit your needs and budget. At times, an additional cost is better so long as you are assured of the safety and liability prevention for your upcoming event.

Richmond County Ambulance Service 1355 Castleton Ave Staten Island, NY 10310 (718) 273-3555

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