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How To Make Elderly People Feel That They’re Not Lonely

It is commonly believed that life moves in a full circle from birth to death. As a person ages, they become more and more like a kid, vulnerable both physically and emotionally to exploitation and prone to feeling uncared for and lonely. Loneliness is a common problem amongst most elders. Despite the fact that the Aussies have a strong family culture, most elders feel lonely in their homes while their children move places for their careers.

Most people don’t understand the impact of loneliness on elders. While one may love their elders to bits, love from a distance is not enough. You have to be present, physically present to avert their feeling of loneliness. Here is a list of some of things you can do to make your elders feel they are not lonely.

· Give them regular visits

There is nothing better for an elder person than to see that their loved ones are close by and they are willing to visit them every so often. Visiting them in flesh is more of an assurance than a call or a Skype message can ever be. It is best if they are given a re-assuring hug, a peck on the cheeks affirming their loved one’s commitment towards them.

· Keep in Regular Contact

It is important to stay in contact with elders. Once parents or other elders start to age, they need to be treated like kids. Like most parents keep in contact with their kids at all times, elders need to be contacted regularly to make sure of their health and well being and to reassure them of the fact that they are not alone.

· Take Them Out

Just because a person is elderly and weak doesn’t mean they cannot go out and have the time of their lives. As younger ones people who are going to care for the elderly should keep in mind that old people deserve to go out for food, shopping and other activities just as long as their health allows. There must be some activities that they loved to do with the family back in their prime, take them out to such places, make sure they enjoy every minute of their trip. Taking them out and treating them with the foods is your way of showing your love to them and making them feel special.

· Call them to your Big Days

Birthdays, marriages, child birth and promotions are all calls for celebrations. More often than not, people can conveniently forget their elders in times of triumph, allowing them to feel left out. One of the easiest way of going about it is to call them at all your big days and to share your achievements with them.

Always remember people who aren’t sure of their role and their importance to others can feel lonely. To fight the loneliness of elders, they need to be made to feel special, loved and cherished.

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