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Improve Memory with Procera AVH

Improving memory is a concern among people of all ages. College students and young adults are looking for an edge in school or employment and older adults are often worried about mental decline and want brain supplements to prevent memory loss. Procera AVH is a cognitive enhancer that is marketed for improving memory and supporting healthy brain function

Improving Memory

People choose to take cognitive enhancing supplements for many reasons. Some want to enhance focus for work or studies in college, while others take pills to preserve memory. When searching for products, you can find an independent resource at Smart Pill Guide for reviews of Procera AVH and other supplements for memory.

Not Really a Nootropic

These cognitive enhancer capsules are not nootropics. While they do contain some nootropic substances, they are not present in the formula in the amounts found in other supplements and there are only a few ingredients in the formula. There is a difference in how memory enhancers and nootropics work. Memory enhancers are designed to improve short and long term memory, how information is consolidated in the brain, and to support overall brain health, while nootropics are intended to improve focus and energy, as well as memory.

Popularity of the Product

This supplement is fairly popular and one of the better selling cognitive enhancers on the market. The product has been reviewed on many websites and has an impressive following. These memory supplements are sold in stores and online, making it fairly easy to find. It is marketed as among the best memory enhancers and many users agree with this assessment.

Ingredients in the Formula

There are three main ingredients used to formulate this product, including vinpocetine, acetyl l carnitine, and huperzine A. Vinpocetine is a vasodilator that increases blood flow to the brain. Acetyl l-carnitine provides benefits for memory, cognition and problem solving. Huperzine A is used to enhance memory, consolidation, and mental clarity. Supplements with this ingredient need to be cycled for maximum effectiveness, so you should take a few days off each week.

Product Manufacturer

This memory supplement is manufactured by the Procera brand, which makes a variety of supplements for brain health. This product was the first in what grew to become a quality line of products. The company offers pills that are formulated to improve focus, detox the brain, and natural sleep aid supplements.

How it performs in Reviews

Does it work? That’s really the bottom line for most people seeking cognitive enhancement supplements. This supplement performs quite well in product reviews, with most users reporting a positive experience with these brain enhancer pills. There are reviews that show users seeing improvements in short term memory and overall improvements in long term memory. Enhanced learning abilities are useful for college students and older adults interested in preserving memory and mental clarity.

Side Effects

Negative reviews include some complaints of mood swings and others having limited success with this product. For most users, mood swings resolve after taking the supplements for a time. No other negative side effects have been reported for these pills.

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