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The GrandPad Gets an Update

If you haven’t seen the grandPad yet, you are really missing out. After years of catering exclusively to the tech market’s preferences for packing maximum power into machines, devices like this one have finally started to signal a shift to meeting the needs of all kinds of consumers with the hardware and software packages that are tailored to their needs, making computers accessible both financially and operationally. This is especially important in the case of the grandPad, too, because the market they serve is one that really needs to be able to enjoy the benefits of technological connection: senior citizens.

How the grandPad Helps Seniors

There are a number of ways this tablet is designed to make technology simple and accessible for senior citizens. First and foremost, it provides them with larger buttons and a more clearly labeled display, making it easier to navigate even without glasses. There’s also a specially made companion app, the ability to set up private family communication networks, and an array of apps specifically designed to provide extra games and activities that senior citizens will be familiar with.

Most importantly, though, for all its accessible software and hardware features, it is a full-featured tablet with the power to connect to modern email and social media platforms. That includes 4G LTE data, full online support, and the internals that will ensure the grandPad can handle the tasks you expect any current-generation tablet to handle.

Upgrades on the New Design

The newest grandPad model brings a true high definition display (1920x1200), wireless charging, and dual 5 megapixel cameras to the already successful design. It also packs a new hardware profile that was put together in a partnership with Acer, so you know this tablet is built to run with the rest of the season’s offerings.


One of the biggest barriers senior citizens face with technology is not that it is difficult to use, it is that the preference for smaller, lighter designs often creates access barriers that make learning to use the new systems and platforms difficult. With specially designed hardware like the grandPad, though, it is easier for seniors to get engaged with new communication technology.

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