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Why is the new Coronavirus strain more dangerous?

The world has entered the second year of battling with the coronavirus pandemic. The virus has left many dead, others infected, and it continues to spread in different parts of the world. Even those who have not gotten COVID have been dealing with insolation fatigue and loneliness due to quarantine and lockdowns. The worst news about the pandemic is the new strains of coronavirus that have been identified in various parts of the world. These strains are deadlier than the initial strain. Below are some reasons why the new strains might be more dangerous.

They have more severe symptoms

The new coronavirus strains are deadlier because they have more severe symptoms than the initial strain. This means that once an individual has been infected, it might take them less time before they pass away. It will also require intensive care in health facilities to treat corona patients who have contracted the new strains. The resource to take care of many patients might be limited, and this means a large number of those who get infected with the new strain might pass away. Such makes the strains deadly.

It takes longer to develop a vaccine

The first coronavirus case was reported in Wuhan in December 2019. Approximately a year later, scientists were successful in developing a vaccine for the virus. Therefore, it might also take a long period before a vaccine for the new strain is developed. During this period, the new strain will already have spread to most parts of the world. A substantial number of people have been reluctant about observing the directions given by the CDC to reduce the spread of the virus. Therefore, infections will continue to rise in different parts of the world. As well, a lot of nations have lifted their lockdowns. This means that the chances of the disease spreading at a very high rate are high. The more the new strains spread across the world, the deadlier it becomes.

Another factor is that the current vaccine might not be effective in preventing the new strain. Therefore, scientists will have to make a new vaccine for each of the viruses. This is costly and will take a lot of time. Hence, people will continue to die from the new strains. The virus will also continue to spread across the world.

Continued mutation is a possibility

The reason there is a new coronavirus is that the initial virus has mutated in different parts of the world. This has left scientists wondering about the next cause of action because new vaccines have to be developed. The main worry is that nobody knows how much the new strains will continue to mutate. Scientists cannot also tell how deadly future mutations will be. Therefore, if the virus is not eradicated soon, it might be a huge risk to humanity.

Overwhelmed healthcare facilities

Most of the healthcare facilities across the world are already overwhelmed due to the patients suffering from the initial strain of the virus. Hence, the new strains will overwhelm the hospitals more. The chances are high that most patients might not make it to the ICUs because they are already full. Such is an indication that the virus will continue to kill more people due to the limited resources in hospitals. Investing in more hospital resources might not be possible in the short run. It is a costly process that requires planning.

We all need to be on the lookout to avoid getting infected with the new strains of coronavirus. This would benefit people since it will reduce the spread of the deadly virus. All that people need to do is follow all the guidelines given by the Center for Disease Control.

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