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Why Retirement Villages Can Make You Live Longer

Making the decision to move into a retirement village, or move a friend or family member, is a very important one, and there are a number of things to consider. Not only are there long term financial commitments involved, but there are also personal commitments too that need to be assessed before you make your choice. Investing in a retirement village is a lot different to buying a home, and there can be some legal issues associated with your decision.

There are many different types of retirement village, and depending on how much you pay, there can also be a stark contrast to the level of service you receive too. When choosing the right village for you, it’s best to take your time, as a quick decision could impact yours and your family’s future. For example, you might be well and able now, but your health could deteriorate without warning, and therefore you would need a retirement village that offers medical assistance and care.

Additionally, you also have to consider the type of lifestyle you want, and what type of lifestyle your retirement village offers. You may enjoy being active, and taking part in group sports, so you’ll require a village with open, spacious grounds where you can participate in the activities that you love. By choosing the right retirement village, you could not only improve social wellbeing, but the great care they provide can also help you live longer. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to source out great retirement villages.

Talk to Residents

One of the best ways to ensure you carry on getting the best out of life in a retirement village is to talk to some of the people that live there. The village you’ve chosen may look great on the outside whilst providing all the services you need, but it’s still important to get the opinion of one or two of the residents who’ve live there.

For example, the food might not be up to scratch, or the entertainment facilities may not live up to expectations. These are the crucial elements that are going to help you live longer, so ensure you cover all your bases when choosing your retirement village. ExtraCare retirement villages offer expert care and service, so if you’d like to take a look around your nearest resort, make a booking online.

Find Out The Total Costs

Money is always an important factor when choosing the right retirement village, so sure to contact ExtraCare if you have any questions. Not only should you have a lawyer read over the disclosure agreement, and highlight any points of interest that you should know, but you should have also have a copy of the costs too for your own records.

These include what the upfront costs will be, capital gains dividends if you leave, and whether or not there is a fee to leave the village before your contract is up. These are things that could greatly impact your finances, and you could end up becoming unwell with the stress involved. Be sure to have family and friends help you in your retirement village decisions to lighten the work load.

About the author

David is a keen advocate for retirement communities and is always reading the latest schemes and courses for the elderly community in an attempt to have a better quality of life.

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