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Welcome to! provides online resources on elder care, long term care and assisted living etc. to senior citizens and caregivers. On our site you can find related news, articles, service directories and other useful resources. We hope the information and resources provided here can help older persons live safely and independently in communities or their homes for as long as possible. (blog)

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Local Home Instead Senior Care business owners honored
Lincoln business owners Doug and Monica Kuhns were honored for outstanding business performance at the Home Instead Senior Care network's annual international convention in Omaha. The Kuhns were recognized with a Legacy award at the event ...

It's Time The Army Got Over Its Problem With ROTC Instructors
Similarly, the professor of military science selection board depends upon known vacancies based on retirements, promotions, selections to senior service colleges, etc. Separating the two boards in time to allow an officer to compete sequentially ...

Senior care business selected as franchisee of the year
Greene was introduced to four franchise operations and senior care was the one that appealed to him the most. “I had the blessing of having both sets of grandparents well into adulthood. I've always had an appreciation for seniors,” he said. While ...

Senator Susan Collins and Elder Care Concern: What It Means to Be From Maine
When it comes to meaningful legislative leadership and achievements, few members of Congress have records that even remotely parallel those of Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), now serving her fourth term. Senator Collins' legislative achievements are ...

Take a video tour of Genesys' new senior care center in downtown Flint
ALSO READ: Downtown Flint senior care center opens in former International Institute. The location sat vacant for several years after the International Institute of Flint closed. The center is part of the "health and wellness" corridor and is located ...

Elder-care duties call us to seek the best inside ourselves
I'd heard the news about women and memory loss by the time my sister sent her foreboding e-mail — “a little scary, sisters” — with a link to a story headlined: “Women Descend into Alzheimer's at Twice the Speed of Men.” One in six women has a chance ...

In Lane County, a range of services support seniors who want to stay in their ...
In Lane County, a range of services support seniors who want to stay in their ...

$467K grant: help low-income older adults get temporary jobs
The Clarion-Ledger ( ) reports that the city of Jackson Senior Services Division recently received the money from Senior Service America Inc. to help people in in Hinds, Rankin, Scott and Warren counties. Almost 90 percent ...

Link-SF Helping More Homeless Find Services
... find shelter, food, medical care, a shower and public access to a computer—234 services in all, from multiples like Glide's food, rehab and housing programs to a weekly food pantry for Tenderloin residents administered by Korean American Senior ...

Senior housing remains a priority in New Castle
Norman, of the AGNC, illuminated what the senior care industry has meant for nearby Mesa County. According to Norman, hospice care brings in $35 million, Medicaid brings in $34 million and there is an additional $20 million economic benefit that comes ...

Senior activities
TROY >> The Troy Senior Service Center, located at 19 Third St., has a weekly Bible Study Group led by Andy Agcaoili. This is a nondenominational fellowship group that meets every Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Those participating in the group ...

Chip Modlin: Pay low for in-home senior care
Imagine having to teach a new person where everything is in your kitchen. Now imagine going through that process every six months, from a wheelchair, with impaired vision. This challenge - and others even more daunting - is the reality for an ...

Families face tough decisions as costs soar for elder care
Roslyn Duffy looks through photos of her late mother, Evelyn Nappa, at her home in Seattle. Duffy had to scramble to find a home willing to take Medicaid payments after her mother was evicted from a Seattle assisted-living facility. (Ted S. Warren/The ...

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Compression Hosiery: Clearing Up The Confusion

The aches and pains associated with ageing are unfortunately, inevitable - whether these derive from a generic lack of wellbeing or are borne of a specific condition. There’s always a pill or potion we can take to alleviate pain, however there’s a certain pleasure in being able to relieve ourselves of this naturally, without resorting to synthetic means. To this end, compression... [Continue Reading]

6 Hobbies to Start after Retirement

Planning for retirement usually means laying out one’s finances and arranging a new place to live for many people. Though these are essential items to discuss before retiring, a lot of people forget about the other aspects of life that they need to decide. One of those aspects is figuring out what they will do with all of their new free time. It may be nice to have no plans or... [Continue Reading]

Seniors Need Not Neglect Health Care for Financial Reasons

When it comes to many senior citizens, they oftentimes find themselves worrying about finances. From being able to find affordable living to simple things like putting food on the table, the later years can definitely lead to some worrisome times. This is also true when it comes to healthcare and more specifically, finding and maintaining the right health insurance policy. While Medicare... [Continue Reading]

The Dos and Don’ts of Starting an Exercise Routine after 50

Fitness is a big part of maintaining an overall healthy body. Many people will try to maintain a fitness routine every day, but it can be difficult to keep up with when work or family obligations get in the way. Starting a new fitness routine can be difficult at any age. However, people over the age of 50 will have some special concerns to think about. Anyone can use these tips to make sure... [Continue Reading]

6 Tips for Getting Your Body Back after Pregnancy

The pregnancy journey is one that every woman will remember and treasure for the rest of her life. Having such a gift is irreplaceable and most women want to cherish those few months forever. However, after the baby comes, reality sets back in and women realize the toll that pregnancy took on their body. Getting back to normal can seem impossible for many women, and in some ways, a... [Continue Reading]

What makes a great personal trainer?

You’ve made the decision to get in shape and join a gym. Congratulations! That’s a great first step on the road to a healthier, happier you. Now that you’ve made the decision to get in shape, you have a decision to make: Do you try to go it alone, or do you hire a personal trainer? If you opt to hire a personal trainer, you’ll have to know what to look for in a good... [Continue Reading]

7 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle after 60

A healthy lifestyle is something people need to work at daily in order to maintain. After the age of 60, this becomes even more difficult for many people. Additionally, with so much new information it can be so difficult for people to know what is healthy and what isn’t. Even though it can be challenging at times, there are a lot of ways anyone past the age of 60 can maintain their... [Continue Reading]

3 Things to Look For in a New Dentist

In order to have great looking teeth, you will have to put in a lot of work. The only way you will be able to keep your luminous smile, you will need to find the right dental professional in your area. With all of the many options when it comes to dentists in any given area, finding the right one will take some time and effort. You need to make a list of what you are looking for in a dentist... [Continue Reading]

6 Tips for Moving Your Parents into a Nursing Home

Aging is a difficult subject for anyone to talk about. No one wants to grow older, and no one wants to see their loved ones grow older. This subject becomes even more difficult when people need to make the decision to move their parents into a nursing home. Everyone wants the best for their parents, and sometimes making such a big change can be difficult for them. However, there are some... [Continue Reading]

Understanding Massage Therapy Accessories

If you are in Canada are starting your own massage therapy company, you will want to ensure that you purchase all the products, accessories and equipment that will not only help you start your business, but high quality products that keep your customers coming back. The list of accessories you will need in your business include such things as acupuncture needles, moxibustion, cupping,... [Continue Reading]

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