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Lexington to host free training session for elder-care professionals
The Nature Connection, a Concord-based nonprofit, will offer a free training session April 20 in Lexington for elder-care professionals seeking new ways to connect with aging and/or memory-impaired patients. Nature Connection staff will share best ...

Elder Care Alliance Presents "Movie Moments at the Vogue"
SAN FRANCISCO, March 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- "Movie Moments at the Vogue," a first-of-its-kind, interactive film program in San Francisco for people ...

Continuing education events for ministers address Leviticus, elder care challenges
College is publicizing two continuing education events this spring: “Ten-Plus Reasons to Love Leviticus” on April 24, 9 a.m.-4 p.m., in the Susquehanna Room at Elizabethtown College, and “Cultivating Conversations...Navigating Elder Care Challenges” on ...

Let's build a world where we help each other on health care, child care and elder care
Columnist Emily Mills argues that "Until such time as our broken health care, child care, and elder care systems are massively overhauled into something that's actually affordable and accessible for everyone, we have no choice but to get creative ...

Elder Care: Be wise about probate | Elder Care |
One aspect of the practice of elder law encompasses assisting individuals with administering estates of their loved ones. Many people are unfamiliar with the ...

Elder Care Services Industry Estimated to Flourish by 2020 – Orbisresearch Market Research
The report titled “Global Elderly Care Services Market: Trends and Opportunities (2016 – 2020)” provides a detailed analysis of the elder care services market with description of market sizing and growth, segmentation of market by products & services ...

Areawide Elder Care Conference at Pauline Baptist, April 8
You may register one of four ways: Visit, click on “Elder Care” and fill out the registration form; Or call 870-367-3085 and register; Or e-mail your name, address, phone, e-mail address and age to; ...

ELDER CARE: Classical guitarist to perform at Golden Hour
Elder Care will host its monthly Golden Hour meeting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at 1223 Swan Drive for those interested in learning more about Golden Opportunities. This month's entertainment will be the classical guitarist and composer Jose Alvarez, also ...

LGBT seniors marked for removal from survey on elder care services
LGBT seniors marked for removal from survey on elder care services. Draft of 2017 National Survey of Older Americans Act Participants drops question about sexuality as critics worry administration is trying to roll back LGBT rights. senior patient with ...

Elder Care Couple On the Run From the Law
Debra and Ramon Garcia have been indicted on one count of injury to an elderly person causing serious bodily injury following the death of a patient in their care. (Photo/TGCJ). By Joe Hyde | Mar. 17, 2017 3:26 pm. San Angelo police are seeking ...

Calling all elder-care residents:
Calling all elder-care residents: March 17, 2017 | Year 41, No. 28. Jewish Pavilion volunteers Morris and Sheila Rashy attending a weekly Shabbat at an Altamonte senior home with volunteer Dolores Indek, and Don, a resident at the home. Are your mom ...

Elder Care: Is nothing certain but death and taxes?
Learn more about the article's author, and other community education opportunities, at Check out the book, “Long Term Care Guide: Essential Tools for Solving the Elder Care Puzzle,” at the Whistlestop Bookshop or Amazon, and ...

Letters: Praise for Generations Elder Care
I am writing in praise of an organization many people may not know about — Generations Elder Care. Generations is a place for caregivers to bring their elderly or sometimes younger loved ones during the day so the caregiver might get a few hours of ...

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3 Top Beauty Tips for The Face

In a world where beauty dictates status and can naturally make an individual feel better about themselves, many dream of having a beautiful, smooth, and clear face that is blemish free. People aspire to stay in optimal condition and slow the visible aging process as they journey through life, and this article will outline methods to help you achieve a healthy look and develop self-confidence.... [Continue Reading]

The GrandPad Gets an Update

If you haven’t seen the grandPad yet, you are really missing out. After years of catering exclusively to the tech market’s preferences for packing maximum power into machines, devices like this one have finally started to signal a shift to meeting the needs of all kinds of consumers with the hardware and software packages that are tailored to their needs, making computers... [Continue Reading]

Self-Care Tips for a Higher Quality of Life

Lucille Ball was onto something when she said "Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” As an aging senior, self-care can get pushed to the back burner, especially when your to-do list involves caring for a spouse or relative or dealing with your own health issues and appointments. The quality of your... [Continue Reading]

Template Legal Papers - An Elder Lawyer’s Perspective

Preparing the paperwork to manage your assets after your passing is important. You probably didn’t need that explicitly stated but the availability of pre-prepared legal documents and the people who avail of them show up with terrifying regularity. The promise of savings thousands of dollars; making everything faster and easier; or doing something yourself without the need of lengthy... [Continue Reading]

Medication Management Made Simple: Safety Strategies for Smart Seniors

If you are in your senior years it is quite likely that daily medication is a big deal and you may have to cope with taking various meds to cope with a multitude of maladies. Medical issues and illnesses are a fact of life and need to be talked about and addressed, as do topics like InvoCare cremation planning. When it comes to medication management, here is a look at some smart safety... [Continue Reading]

Tell Chronic Pain Goodbye

If you are one of the millions of Americans waging a war against chronic pain, are you winning? Unfortunately, countless people would answer no to that question. In fact, their suffering grows seemingly year after year. As a result, their lives become more of a challenge, in some cases leading to all but giving up. In an effort to defeat (or at least lessen) chronic pain, you have to do your... [Continue Reading]

Going the Distance: The Long Distance Grandparent

The relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is special. To the child, their grandparent is equal parts buddy, parent, teacher, benefactor, and translator. Whether it's a fishing trip, or just a visit to the playground, the child won't see their grandmother or grandfather as the wise old sage they are; when they turn to face their grandparent, they see grandma or grandpa. For those... [Continue Reading]

5 Cancers That Can Be Treated with Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses a particular kind of high-energy beam to destroy cancer cells and it can be done internally or externally. It is considered a cost-effective cancer treatment that can be used either after or before surgery. It is administered in an out-patient basis and use to treat different types of cancer. Some of these include the following: Breast Cancer It is the most common... [Continue Reading]

Bringing the Entire Family Together for the Holidays When You Have Elderly Members in Homes

One of the hardest parts about getting older and growing up is being forced to do things you don’t necessarily want to do, or follow jobs you don’t necessarily want to follow. This can cause a lot of stress and pressure during the holidays for big families that are spread all across the country or world. Especially when some members of the family are too old to travel. In these... [Continue Reading]

How To Make Elderly People Feel That They’re Not Lonely

It is commonly believed that life moves in a full circle from birth to death. As a person ages, they become more and more like a kid, vulnerable both physically and emotionally to exploitation and prone to feeling uncared for and lonely. Loneliness is a common problem amongst most elders. Despite the fact that the Aussies have a strong family culture, most elders feel lonely in their homes... [Continue Reading]

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