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Welcome to! provides online resources on elder care, long term care and assisted living etc. to senior citizens and caregivers. On our site you can find related news, articles, service directories and other useful resources. We hope the information and resources provided here can help older persons live safely and independently in communities or their homes for as long as possible. (blog)

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Decisive action necessary to heal Alaska Guard
The position should immediately be filled by a capable mid-to-senior level officer who at a minimum has completed the appropriate Intermediate Level Education (ILE), and preferably is a Senior Service College graduate. The selectee must be dedicated to ...

Top 5 Strategies To Pay For Elder Care
Medicare, the federal health insurance program primarily for men and women 65 and over, pays doctor and hospital bills for many older Americans. But it doesn't cover everything. For example, long-term custodial care for help with the “activities of ...

Home care provider to speak at Senior Center
Dan Stecklein, American Senior Service Inc. representative, will give a presentation on True Freedom Home Care service contracts at 1 p.m. Friday, Oct. 24th, at the Great Bend Senior Center, 2005 Kansas Ave. True Freedom plans offer a solution for ...

The deep-rooted problems with government
The top leadership is underpaid, and this has really affected the morale of the senior service and made it more difficult to hire and retain top people. It also should be made relatively simple to fire people who are underperforming or to transfer or ...

An intellectually impaired robot leaves elder-care funding under question
I love technology. Gadgets, apps, things with flashing LEDs that go beep in the corner. So what's the story with robot dispensing? Where's the robot? Where's the arm-swinging, monotone-voiced Dalek tipping multihued capsules down a gaping patient's ...

Highlands Senior Service Center community garden has abundant harvest ...
Highlands Senior Service Center community garden has abundant harvest ...

Elder law is expansive, beneficial for seniors
It can range from estate planning to elder care to governmental benefits. Of course elder law includes estate planning. You might think of estate planning as only death planning. However, estate planning also includes lifetime planning. The definition ...

American National hosts legal seminar on senior care issues Oct. 24
American National University, located at 1813 E. Main St. in Salem, will host a “Planning for the Future” legal seminar on Friday, Oct. 24 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. Ann Green, attorney at law, will offer guidance ...

Guest: How to understand options for senior care
As an industry, we must evolve the standard of senior care in our community to align with ACA standards, in order to help prevent unnecessary hospital stays. As health consumers navigating senior-care issues, we must be aware of the various options and ...

Missouri health lab can now do preliminary Ebola tests (VIDEO)
He says he asked the Director of the Department of Health and Senior Service to apply for the designation earlier this month, and confirmation came on Thursday. Nixon is also releasing $3.3-million in the state budget that he had withheld, for local ...

Senior service a boost for Thackley
MARK Senior is delighted to be involved with Thackley again and glad he is in a position to help. Senior returned in a director of football role earlier this season and is working with all the age groups to help develop players and improve the skills ...

Senior care industry optimistic
Senior housing and care providers are optimistic about the economy and anticipate stronger business performance in the next 12 months, according to a survey of industry executives by GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services. Survey respondents also ...

Home Instead Senior Care of Hunterdon and Warren County once again bring ...
Home Instead Senior Care of Hunterdon and Warren County once again bring ...

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The Best Life Insurance Options for Seniors

There are so many reasons why it’s such a good idea to have life insurance. Aside from the fact that it’s one of the best ways to make sure that your loved ones will be able to cover your funeral costs following your death, it’s also a way to pay for any other debts as well. Plus, based on the type of policy that you get, life insurance is also a great way to supplement your... [Continue Reading]

Home Security for an Elderly Relative

When talking about independent living with regards to an elderly relative, comprehensive steps should always be taken to ensure that they experience the best quality of life possible. For many seniors, this may mean health care, mobility assistance or regular socialisation. For others, this may mean making sure their homes are fit to live in. It’s an unfortunate truth that, even though... [Continue Reading]

Helpful Holiday Ideas for Elderly Relatives

It’s often difficult for elderly people to go on holiday. This may be due to a number of reasons, including general health or mobility issues, or it may simply be a matter of money. But having a holiday is just as important for seniors as it is for the rest of the population, because it’s a great way to relax and improve a person’s general outlook on life. If you’re... [Continue Reading]

Options for Elderly Patients in Need of Emergency Medical Care

As we get older, it’s only natural that we would require more medical care. Time is not kind to the human body, and between deterioration, illness, and injury, an increased need for medical care should come as no surprise. And yet, most of us are ill-prepared for emergency medical situations, even as we enter our twilight years. That said, it’s never too late to take the steps... [Continue Reading]

Purchasing Life Insurance for Seniors: 5 Things to Consider

As a senior, life insurance is a very important thing to have to protect you and your family financially. While it is not something people usually want to think about, it is necessary. When comparing and shopping for life insurance as a senior, here are 5 essential things you will want to consider. Determine the reputation of the life insurance provider. You will want to do some research in... [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for Preventing Slips and Falls in the Elderly

Slipping and falling is the number one cause of death and injury among the elderly. Yes, it is that serious. Even if there are no major risks around the home, the muscles and bones can simply give out and cause a fall. And because your body is already vulnerable, these falls can result in serious injury. One of the most common places that slips and falls occur is in the bath – one of the... [Continue Reading]

5 Basic Denture Care Tips for Seniors

You can look at the bright side of dentures – you don’t need to worry about cavities, you don’t need to worry about expensive dental procedures and you don’t need to worry about crooked or discolored teeth ever again. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take very special care of your dentures. Denture care is important for a number of reasons... [Continue Reading]

5 Common Senior Dental Care Issues

Nobody is really surprised when, as they get older, their health begins to deteriorate. Some of us take great pains to preserve our bodies with proper diet, exercise, supplements, and so on, while others spend their lives loafing around and eating what they please. Still others work themselves to death (so to speak) at demanding and stressful jobs. But the relentless march of time gets to us... [Continue Reading]

The Independent Life – Tips for Elderly Folks Living on Their Own

You will be the first to admit that you are getting on in your years, but you’re certainly not ready to go live in a home for the elderly. You may be old, but you are still capable of caring for yourself and living independently. You hate the idea of having someone look after you, so it’s the independent life for you. Many seniors live with their partners or on their own until... [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for Getting Your Aging Parent to Stop Driving

Every single day, an average of about 500 elderly adults are injured in auto collisions. With over thirty million elderly drivers, that is a lot of injuries and potentials for injury. Not only that, but death is a real threat too. Oftentimes, older drivers don’t have the all the same capacities that they used to have, which frequently puts them into precarious situations. These accidents... [Continue Reading]

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