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China encourages PPP in elder care - Xinhua |
BEIJING, Aug. 19 (Xinhua) -- China has said it will encourage public-private partnership (PPP) in the senior care industry. Wider use of PPP should introduce ...

7 patients removed from unlicensed elder care home in San Francisco
Richmond mayor wants to scrap city's public housing authority · 7 patients removed from unlicensed elder care home in San Francisco - Photo. 7 patients removed from unlicensed elder care home in San · Federal agents block off Redwood City street to ...

Resource Connection can help with questions about elder care
Where do you go when you need services for an elderly loved one? Mom needs transportation; dad needs help with his meds. They both should move out of that big house, but where are they going to go? It's enough to send siblings scrambling for answers ...

Hard-Won Advice in Books on Aging and Elder Care
Loretta Anne Woodward Veney with her mother, Doris Woodward. Ms. Veney's upbeat memoir, “Being My Mom's Mom,” describes the years she has spent caring for her mother. Credit Alex Wroblewski for The New York Times. Longevity is generally better ...

VIDEO: Elder expert opens Evergreen in Elkin to help with local elder law
... which included processing Medicaid applications as a paralegal for an elder law firm. “I quickly discovered how rewarding it is to help families through the maze of elder care benefits.” This experience aids Schrum when taking on clients who need ...

America's Best And Worst States To Grow Old
This Southeastern state has lower assisted living prices than many others and ranks sixth in the nation for lowest overall elder care costs. At the same time, it's also one of the seven worst states (43rd) for choice of long-term care setting and ...

JHF president to lead national elder care organization
LeadingAge is a national organization that brings together more than 6,000 nonprofit elder care member organizations and partners representing the entire field of aging services. The organization has 39 state associations, hundreds of businesses ...

Why It's Hard to Be a New Nurse in Home Care
It's certainly no secret that elder care providers of all stripes have trouble finding and retaining solid talent. But home health and home care companies have the added detriment of a largely solitary workplace environment, which can make it even more ...

You can get quality elder care but be prepared to pay for it
... with $63,875 in Utah, according to a 2015 study by Genworth Financial. Sullivan said that given the varying levels of quality and care offered across the country, it's important to start giving thought to options long before elder care services are ...

Could This Idea Help Fix America's Shortage Of Home Care Workers?
The demographics of a growing demand for elder care in America is raising alarms. The number of adults 65 and over requiring long-term care could rise by more than 70% over the next quarter century, estimates MIT Sloan School of Management professor ...

Health Invest Finland Raises $1.5M for Smart Wearable Device for Elder Care
Health Invest Finland Oy, a digital health firm has raised $1.5 million in funding led by Finnish funds Kuus Invest Oü, Viavan Oy, and European business angel investors. The company plans to utilize the funding to accelerate the deployment of it's ...

Baystate Brightwood doctor sees elder care model 'great' for all ages ...
Baystate Brightwood doctor sees elder care model 'great' for all ages ...

Elder Care Services at Sycamore library
Different savings programs for seniors will be discussed, including the Benefit Access Program ($24 license plate sticker), Safelink phone, Extra Help (for prescriptions) and the Medicare Savings Program. Appointments can be made at Elder Care Services ...

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4 Tips To Sleep Better

Sleep is an essential form of rest for human beings. After a long day’s work and activity throughout the day, the body needs to rest in order restore energy for another fruitful day. For many people, having a good night’s sleep is often a challenge. Depending on the conditions of the bed and your habits, you can either have a perfect sleep or a frustrating night. Here are a few... [Continue Reading]

Top 7 Therapies for Comfort and Symptom Management for your seniors with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Those who are caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s and Dementia are looking for the best ways to create comfort and peace for those who suffer from these diseases. However, caregivers need to take some time for themselves to recharge and relax when necessary. In these instances, in-home services are available to not only allow you to have a break, but to provide complementary... [Continue Reading]

Important Things You Have To Know About Elderly Falls

When looking at elder people, falling injuries make up most of the injury mechanisms that appear. Close to 50% of the injuries are minor like lacerations and bruises. However, 10 percent are quite serious like intracranial injuries or fractures. Around 1% of the falls will end up being hip fractures that could lead to high risk of mortality and post-fall morbidity. The CDC showed that between... [Continue Reading]

3 Top Beauty Tips for The Face

In a world where beauty dictates status and can naturally make an individual feel better about themselves, many dream of having a beautiful, smooth, and clear face that is blemish free. People aspire to stay in optimal condition and slow the visible aging process as they journey through life, and this article will outline methods to help you achieve a healthy look and develop self-confidence.... [Continue Reading]

The GrandPad Gets an Update

If you haven’t seen the grandPad yet, you are really missing out. After years of catering exclusively to the tech market’s preferences for packing maximum power into machines, devices like this one have finally started to signal a shift to meeting the needs of all kinds of consumers with the hardware and software packages that are tailored to their needs, making computers... [Continue Reading]

Self-Care Tips for a Higher Quality of Life

Lucille Ball was onto something when she said "Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” As an aging senior, self-care can get pushed to the back burner, especially when your to-do list involves caring for a spouse or relative or dealing with your own health issues and appointments. The quality of your... [Continue Reading]

Template Legal Papers - An Elder Lawyer’s Perspective

Preparing the paperwork to manage your assets after your passing is important. You probably didn’t need that explicitly stated but the availability of pre-prepared legal documents and the people who avail of them show up with terrifying regularity. The promise of savings thousands of dollars; making everything faster and easier; or doing something yourself without the need of lengthy... [Continue Reading]

Medication Management Made Simple: Safety Strategies for Smart Seniors

If you are in your senior years it is quite likely that daily medication is a big deal and you may have to cope with taking various meds to cope with a multitude of maladies. Medical issues and illnesses are a fact of life and need to be talked about and addressed, as do topics like InvoCare cremation planning. When it comes to medication management, here is a look at some smart safety... [Continue Reading]

Tell Chronic Pain Goodbye

If you are one of the millions of Americans waging a war against chronic pain, are you winning? Unfortunately, countless people would answer no to that question. In fact, their suffering grows seemingly year after year. As a result, their lives become more of a challenge, in some cases leading to all but giving up. In an effort to defeat (or at least lessen) chronic pain, you have to do your... [Continue Reading]

Going the Distance: The Long Distance Grandparent

The relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is special. To the child, their grandparent is equal parts buddy, parent, teacher, benefactor, and translator. Whether it's a fishing trip, or just a visit to the playground, the child won't see their grandmother or grandfather as the wise old sage they are; when they turn to face their grandparent, they see grandma or grandpa. For those... [Continue Reading]

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