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Elder Care: Arbitration clauses in nursing home admission agreements
Mother's condition deteriorates to the point where she needs 24-hour care in a skilled nursing facility. Prior to being admitted to the facility, the director of admissions gave Son, who is Mother's Power of Attorney Agent, a stack of admissions papers ...

Elder care: Time is of the essence
TORRINGTON – Anyone reading this knows someone who has gone through the life-changing experience of taking care of an aging parent, or possibly a sibling or friend. Terms like elder care, hospice, comfort care and palliative care were generally unheard ...

Employee assistance program provides elder care resources
The UO Human Resources department is continuing its effort to educate employees about the many resources available through the Employee Assistance Program. This month HR is providing information about elder care assistance. The percentage of ...

Home Care Disrupting Innovation for Elder Caregiving
This is why home care must continue to disrupt the elder care industry and provide value to seniors, families, and society. Along the way it is also disrupting healthcare itself as quality elder caregiving has a profoundly important role to play on the ...

Startup offers elder care via text message
APP ON SCHEDULE: Vanessa Lee, co-founder of Sage Care, left, is seen with client Merle Lightbound. The startup has developed a system that allows clients to schedule health care visits via text messages. 0 comments ...

Elder care takes social toll on beleaguered daughter
According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, 16 percent of Americans (40.4 million) age 15 and over provide unpaid elder care. You have surrendered your job and turned your life inside out in order to be with your parents now. You are facing ...

A Dietician Needed to Promote Food as Medicine in Elder Care
A proper diet is one of the primary ways to improve the quality of life in the elderly. Often times, what ails them can easily be remedied with better food rather than some pharmaceutical drug. Food as medicine is not a new concept. However, with the ...

Live In Care – The Best Solution For Elder Care
Elder care is an important concern for modern working professionals. They could not give required attention to elder members (like parents, grandparents, or other elderly members) of their family due to professional commitments or other external ...

Our Town Crete: Tabitha brings cutting-edge Elder Care to Crete
Tabitha is a non-profit organization that has been serving the Cornhusker State for the past 130 years. Tabitha helps nearly 2,500 people daily in 28 southeast Nebraska counties. And they've called Our Town Crete home since 19-74. More than forty years ...

Centra to launch program for elder care in Gretna
Centra will open its third Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly — better known as PACE — July 1 in Gretna. Centra has run a PACE in Lynchburg since 2007 and in Farmville since 2013. Offered in 32 states across the country — and at 12 sites ...

Elder Care: The Killer Robot App
The Financial Times recently wrote a four-part series on “Robots: Friend or Foe?” The editors agree that the Robolution is now a matter of time, as we stand on the precipice of an automated world. While the cynics, and possibly Donald Trump as well ...

Taking the confusion out of elder care
But elder care is the new, politically correct jargon used when doctors, nurses, aids and service providers talk about available options for a loved one who can no longer live at home with just the support of family members. And there are more service ...

This VR Startup Lets People in Elder Care Still Get a Taste of the Outside World
Rendever, a startup founded by Reed Hayes and Dennis Lally, is developing VR experiences specifically for elder care residents who are no longer able to get outside and explore the world by themselves. Hayes has had his own experience with family ...

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Common Health Problems for Older People

Ageing has its fair share of health issues. As you get old, the body and its organs don’t function as well as they used to. Years of working the body start to take a toll at some point in life. People will experience some common health issues at different periods. For some, ageing health complications may start after sixty and some may have the luxury of living longer without... [Continue Reading]

Understanding Heart Disease In Later Life

A heart condition is a scary and supremely difficult thing to have to deal with at any point in life. Does it become scarier as you get older? That’s hard to say. When you’re young, it feels unfair for it to have happened to you while you’re still youthful and active. But when you’re older, though you may feel less surprised, you still have to deal with the difficulty... [Continue Reading]

Heartwarming Things To Do After You Retire!

flickr As much as people like to finish work when they retire, they often can be left wondering what they should do next. After going on a couple of holidays, it can become boring not to do anything with your time. A lot of people decide to start a new hobby or take up a sport. But some people really want to make a difference. Here are some heartwarming things to do after you retire. ... [Continue Reading]

Retirement Is Fast Approaching, Here’s How To Handle It Like A Pro

Getting older is inevitable. Time catches up with all of us. So when retirement does arrive, it’s imperative that you are prepared for it. After dedicating a life to working and providing for your loved ones, enjoying retirement is the least that you deserve. However, failure to plan for those later stages can make life very uncomfortable. In truth, that’s the last thing you need... [Continue Reading]

3 Ways To Stay Independent After Retirement

Most people would agree that they don’t want to become a burden to their families when they get old. However, knowing how to stop that from happening is difficult. You never know what the future might hold, and so it’s hard to make any watertight plans. Even so, there are certain actions you can take to tip the scales of balance in your favor. We’re going to present you with... [Continue Reading]

How To Deal With The Pressures Of Caring For An Elder

Flickr As our population ages, more of us than ever before are taking on care responsibilities for the important seniors in our lives. In an ideal world, of course, everything will go smoothly. The truth is, however, that looking after seniors brings many issues with it - and there is a lot of pressure to deal with. So, if you are feeling like you are struggling to cope with the demands of... [Continue Reading]

Looking After Yourself When You Hit Old Age

When you get a bit older, you need to be a little more careful about the sorts of things you do. You have to look after yourself a little more than you normally would. That means thinking about the necessary means required to take care of yourself. These are some of the important things to consider. Take Your Pills Everyone who gets older will need to start taking some form of medication.... [Continue Reading]

How To Assist With Mobility Issues

As elderly people continue to age, it’s almost inevitable that they’ll suffer from mobility issues at some point. Depending on their circumstances, it could a life-changing thing. You need to know how to care for them effectively when they’re struggling to move around like they used to. Whether it’s just a case of lending a helping hand or buying them tools to make... [Continue Reading]

ED - Living With Erectile Dysfunction

There is no nice way to find out that you can’t perform in the bedroom as you would like. Somehow, you feel as if it is your fault and your body has let you down. And, you also feel like it makes you less of a man. For some men, the consequences of erectile dysfunction are hard to live with because of the mental and physical impacts. If you have ED, you might be wondering ‘how can... [Continue Reading]

What You Can Do Now To Improve Quality Of Life In Later Years

If you could have a chance to change anything what it would be? Would you change the way you looked? Or perhaps it goes a bit deeper than that. When asked, some people over 50 would comment that it would be more about the quality of life than how handsome or beautiful they looked. (Source) The quality of life can mean a lot of things. Such as: Hearing - Our hearing can be dramatically... [Continue Reading]

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