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A Brief Guide to CPAP Machine; What is it and how does it work?

A CPAP machine, better known as a continuous positive airway pressure machine is usually prescribed by healthcare experts to people who are fighting sleep apnea disorders.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a disorder that causes breathing interruptions. This happens due to an airway or throat blockage. With the help of this machine, a steady flow of oxygen is maintained in the mouth and nose of an individual while he or she sleeps. It aids the person to breathe normally by keeping their airways open.

There are several CPAP machines available in the market. Your doctor will prescribe you the best one depending on your condition. However, if you get a faulty device by mistake you can opt for a lawsuit for CPAP machines to make a claim. Therefore it is suggested that you invest in a CPAP machine after doing extensive research.

How does it Work?

So how does a CPAP machine work? The compressor or motor of the machine generates a constant stream of pressurized air which travels into a tube, by passing through an air filter. This tube is responsible for purifying the air. It then passes it in the mask, which is sealed around your mouth and nose.

When you are sleeping, this stream of air pushes all the blockages aside and ensures that you are receiving optimal air pressure at all times. This keeps your airways open and you are able to receive a good amount of oxygen throughout the night. There is no obstruction in your breathing and you can have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Benefits of a CPAP Machine:

This machine is perfect for people who are fighting sleep apnea as it delivers a continuous oxygen supply to the human body while you are sleeping. The biggest perk that it offers is that it prevents all types of breathing interruptions, promoting a good sleeping pattern.

Apart from this basic function, here are some of the perks that this machine has to offer:

●      Boosts your sleep quality and ensures a smooth and good night’s sleep.

●      The reduced risk of cardiac arrest or a heart attack.

●      As you are able to sleep without interruption, it aids in boosting your energy during the day. Say goodbye to daytime laziness and drowsiness.

●      Aids in lowering blood pressure.

●      It might be helpful in reducing cholesterol levels too.

Is there any other Treatment for Sleep Apnea?

CPAP machine is the most effective solution for sleep apnea. However, you might try out other tips too. For instance, changing your sleep positions might help. Some breathing exercises can also have a positive impact. But till now, the CPAP machine does wonders.


A CPAP machine is the best solution for people fighting with sleep apnea. It does feel a bit uncomfortable while sleeping but it ensures a steady flow of oxygen supply at all times.

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