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Foot Care Tips For The Elders

Foot care is the least priority when it comes to staying healthy, especially for elders. The truth is that such a body part has been the best companion over the years. And, as a result, your foot feels a lot of pain and may even look weary due to some bruises. That is why adding up foot care into your health routine is necessary for a better foot condition.

Read on this post and ponder on the right foot treatment that you need and also know its benefits.

Why Should Elders Need a Foot Care Treatment?

When you are still young, taking care of your feet and nails was so easy. But, as you get older, you start to neglect cleaning them. Well, this post encourages older individuals to keep an eye on foot care with the help of professionals.

There are a lot of signs when someone needs foot treatment. It includes nail discoloration and healing wounds which demand immediate care to prevent any infection. Some possible signs that a person must undergo good foot treatment are due to health conditions, such as diabetes and circulatory issues.

Elders may also experience a variety of foot ailments and could last a period of time. They are visible and will require the assistance of a wheelchair to move around. To mention a few include ingrown toenails, bunions, heel pain, and calluses.

In addition to that, below are other potential causes of foot ailments that you should know:

  • Lack of Foot Care: The primary cause of suffering from a certain foot ailment is no other than ignoring the need for foot care. It may not be part of your weekly routine but at least, check your foot regularly.
  • Wearing Wrong Shoes: Humans have different shoe sizes and picking footwear that is most suitable for your size is essential. It adds up comfort and also prevents foot ailments, like arthritis.
  • Age: Experiencing foot ailments is normal as you age. Nonetheless, there are treatments to slow down its effects on your daily routine.
  • Blood Flow Issues: Blood clots are one of the common causes of severe foot ailments, including wounds and sores. It also slows down healing that may just worsen the situation over time.
  • Body Weight: Whether you lose or gain weight, it has an impact on your muscles. Better to exercise regularly to achieve a normal body weight that would benefit your overall health.

Advantages of a Good Foot Care for Seniors

Having feet that do not lose their independence to move is important for seniors. Therefore, good foot care protects elders from the risks of falls and physical pain. It also maintains balance to prevent fractures and loss of mobility.

With all the reasons, why should seniors take good care of their feet, they can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Foot Care Treatment Manages Your Toenails

If there is one thing that could make your feet look stunning, it will be the toenails. Pamper yourself by cleaning and adding up some colors on your nails. It also applies to the elderly to look younger on any occasion. Additionally, proper toenail care can prevent ingrown and even cuts that may lead to infection.

  • Foot Care Treatment Promotes Self-Care

 Keeping your feet healthy would benefit your overall well-being. It makes you feel better to walk around pain-free with your spotless feet. Furthermore, it adds up confidence when your feet are cleaned and not dry-looking.

  • Foot Care Treatment Will Lead You Toward Right Medicines

Taking care of your feet is vital, especially when there is an existing need. The experts will prescribe suitable medications to ease any discomfort during normal checkups. Thus, seeking treatment can help to stop serious problems.

Effective Tips for Foot Care

Foot care could be done at home or with the help of an expert. It is not a challenging task to keep your nails clean every single day. The problem is when the scenario becomes worse like there is cracking, thick ingrown, and pain that impacts your everyday living.

Here are some tips to do to maintain healthier feet:

  • Regularly trim your nails and clean them to prevent bacteria, fungi, and anything that would cause infections.
  • Hire a podiatrist to remove ingrown toenails safely.
  • Wear the best footwear that will bring comfort to your feet for a long time. Do not walk barefoot even indoors to keep the soles of your feet clean.
  • Apply lotion if there is a dryness to prevent your feet from cracking and looking dull. This applies during cold weather to keep your feet moisturized.
  • Call for help if your feet feel numb or if they are tingling. It may cause an imbalance that would result in injuries.
  • Place a footstool on the floor whenever you sit down to relax your feet.
  • Foot massage and exercise can aid blood circulation throughout your body. This will prevent blood clotting which might affect your mobility.

Aged Care Home We Recommend

Aged Care provider in Geelong offers a holistic approach to taking care of the elders. The staff has to offer a lot of health services other than dementia care, including a beauty salon. Therefore, your loved ones can pamper themselves inside an aged care residential. Seniors with foot ailments will be provided with treatments to feel comfortable. This aims to lessen the worries of the family left behind knowing their loved ones are in good hands. Lastly, find an aged care home that guarantees safety and proper treatment for seniors.

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