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Assisted Living vs Independent Living

Probably the saddest thing about growing up is watching your parents get old. While they give you everything you need from your childhood days, you will never be able to compensate for their contribution to your life. All you can do during their old age is to support them and provide them with all the necessary facilities that they require. Assisted living facility is one such facility which might suit your parents' needs.   

However, at old age, your parents might want to live at their own home. In fact, most people feel comfortable in their regular stay. Sometimes you need to look beyond a certain perception to find what’s best suited for a situation. For an old person reading this, you might confuse yourselves as to what’s right. Well, not to worry, as we have a fair comparison of Assisted Living vs Independent living for you as follows:

Determine the activeness level

If certain people at their old age are capable enough to live their life independently, there’s no point for them to go for an assisted living by any means. So, if your parents perform their regular chores on their own and you feel that they don’t actually require any assistance from external sources, you should not hurry about opting for an assisted living for them.

People who have become less active due to aging can primarily opt for an assisted living facility, as it provides all the necessary assistance that a person would need.


Most of the people in their old age face loneliness and existential crisis. According to a Forbes report existential crisis is increasing at a high rate. That's one of the reasons why you should go for assisted living or senior living villages, as the people there get the company of various similar-aged people making their life easier. We can naturally understand the comfort level with similar people.

Medical Facilities

In independent living, it becomes tough to manage the equipment and setup required for senior individuals. You would not want your parents to be ill-protected against a potential medical threat. An assisted living facility provides you with all the basic equipment for the sustenance of the old age people. It’s easier for them to avail infrastructural facilities that are present solely for their betterment at memory care communities.

Living in a community

The elderly, when subjected to living in a community, get to live an entirely different version of life. Just when they start thinking that their life is getting boring, their exposure to the community life makes them realize what they were missing out on. They not only get to interact with people of similar age but also fit into well-organized groups and get to perform various things together, making them enjoy the spirit of life.

What To Choose?

Well, keeping all the above points in mind, if your parents:

  • Are active enough to live their life independently,
  • Have someone to spend time with,
  • Have all the medical facilities for them,
  • Live a life where they feel alive,

You can go for independent living. Otherwise, it’s high time you should think of an assisted living facility.

You must never put the well-being of the elderly at risk. At this age, they need the right kind of environment and ambiance. Choose what’s best for them today!

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