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What is a Podiatrist Bondi Junction?

Just like any other part of your body, even your legs and feet are extremely important parts of your entire structure. In fact, your legs bear the entire weight of your body every time you stand, walk or run. Thus, it can safely be said that your legs can easily get tired if you spend an entire day standing or walking around. There are several home remedies to deal with an aching foot or paining legs. However, if the problem gets serious, then the best solution is to go to a podiatrist.

What Do Podiatrists Do?

Most of you may have heard about podiatrists but very few of you probably know about them. Podiatrists are basically medical specialists who deal with any problem concerning your lower legs or feet. Apart from treating injuries, they are also experienced enough to help you with complications that may arise due to other health problems such as diabetes. Podiatrists are often called doctors of podiatric medicine or podiatric physicians. Some of the conditions they treat include sprains and fractures, hammertoes and bunions, nail disorders, and arthritis to name a few.

Are They Actually Doctors?

Although podiatrists are doctors, they do not attend any traditional medical school. In fact, they have their own professional associations and schools. Instead of MD mentioned after their names, podiatrists have DPM or doctor of podiatric medicine mentioned. They are experienced enough to conduct a surgery, prescribe drugs, reset broken or dislocated bones, and even order X-rays or lab tests. If there is a serious problem with your feet or the lower parts of your legs, podiatrists also work closely with other specialists. These doctors are also licensed and regulated by the state governments in the US.

Training and Education

While in college, those students who are interested to become a podiatrist in Bondi Junction have to take up chemistry, biology, and physics, as well as, various other science classes in order to get properly prepared for podiatry school. Many of these students also get a bachelor’s degree in biology or any other similar field of science. If you are interested to become a podiatrist, you have to go to podiatry school for 4 years. At the school, you will be taught about the way nerves, muscles, and bones work together in order to help you move. You will also be taught about the various injuries and illnesses that can easily affect your feet. This also includes the diagnosis of the problem along with proper treatment. You will also be taught how certain problems of the feet can be treated with the help of a surgery.

Once you clear the graduation from a podiatry school, you will have to work in a hospital for 3 years. This is also known as residency and here, you will have to use up all the theoretical knowledge into practical life. You will also have to work with various other doctors from different fields that may include anesthesiologists, surgeons, specialists in infectious diseases, and pediatricians. Once the residency life is successfully completed, you can get advanced certifications in surgery of the ankles and the feet.

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