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Home Security for an Elderly Relative

When talking about independent living with regards to an elderly relative, comprehensive steps should always be taken to ensure that they experience the best quality of life possible. For many seniors, this may mean health care, mobility assistance or regular socialisation. For others, this may mean making sure their homes are fit to live in.

It’s an unfortunate truth that, even though they are usually are no more at risk than anyone else, elderly people do tend to feel more vulnerable in their homes. These security concerns encompass anything from breaking and entering, to doorstep conmen. However, there are many solutions which can lessen the impact of other concerns surrounding security issues inherent in independent living, which may subsequently increase the quality of your elderly relative’s life.

Internal Security

Internal security refers to any security measure which may be implemented inside the home. These measures may be simple, such as ensuring that all valuables are tucked out of sight or that windows are clean and have well maintained blinds or curtains, or they may be complex, such as a comprehensive alarm system with multi-room accessible activation panels. You should also aim to make sure your relative can move freely about their own home by removing all non-essential clutter, especially in front of emergency exist.

Internal security does, to some extent, depend on the ability of your elderly relative to manage their own home safety. For example, installing a safe is a great idea but unless your elderly loved one feels comfortable using it you may have to be prepared to shoulder this responsibility yourself. Similarly, keeping windows clean is easy if your relative uses a Barrier Components glass protective coating, but this is still only possible if they have high mobility.

External Security

If you’re worried about external security and have the means for independent improvement, you may wish to consider the merits of one or more of the following solutions.

  • Security gates can be very beneficial for properties with extensive grounds or long driveways. Not only do security gates prevent unwanted vehicles from accessing a property, but they deter other unwanted intruders too.
  • Flood and motion sensor lights will illuminate the outside of the property whenever any movement is detecting, thereby deterring night time prowlers.
  • A highly visible alarm box will make criminals think again before trying their luck at a forced entry.

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