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Helpful Tips for Moving Someone with Alzheimer’s to Assisted Living

Alzheimer’s is a notoriously difficult disease to cope with, not only for the person suffering from the disease, but also for the family members who are supporting their loved one through this difficult time. Naturally, everyone who has a friend or family member suffering from Alzheimer’s wants to make life as pleasant and comfortable as possible for that person.

At some point in the disease’s progression, it will be time for that person to move into an assisted living facility where people who are trained to work with Alzheimer’s patients can create the best life for them. This can be a very challenging transition for everyone. Here are some helpful tips for moving someone with Alzheimer’s into assisted living.

Do not wait too long to make the move

Anyone will be hesitant to leave the home that they have been comfortably living in for so many years, so it is natural that a person who is suffering from Alzheimer’s to resist the change of moving into a home. Even though the move may be difficult to make, it is important to make the change while the person is still in the early stages of the disease. This will make for the easiest transition possible.

Work with the best healthcare providers to find a trusted facility

Choosing a new place for a loved one to live is not an easy decision. It may take a lot of time and research to find a place that will be a perfect fit. Anyone can use their concierge medicine providers to find a facility that is not only safe and well maintained, but that will also be the most comfortable for the person moving in.

Schedule visits prior to moving

It is a good idea for the person with Alzheimer’s to be very familiar with the facility before he or she moves in. making one or more visits to the facility prior to the move can help everyone adjust better to the new location and begin to recognize the place as a home, not just a facility for assisted living.

Bring with a few sentimental items from the old home

Everyone has their own personal things that they cannot imagine living without. When moving into assisted living, most people will have to give up a majority of their things to move into the smaller space and adjust to their new lifestyle. Families should take time with their loved one to find those few things that will fit well in the new home.

Work with the staff to find the right balance

Often times, the family or friends of the person moving into assisted living will not know what role they will take after the move is complete. Every facility is a little different, so everyone should talk with the staff at the facility to understand just as is expected of them and what they can do to make life in the home best for the person with Alzheimer’s.


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