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How to Shop for Adjustable Lift Chairs

Have you noticed that getting into and out of your favorite chair has become increasingly difficult? Shopping for an adjustable lift chair could be the correct decision for you as, compared to the advantages to your quality of life obtaining one will provide, the price is quite reasonable. There are large amounts of choices, both in stores and online, and deciding which chair is right for you can be daunting. Here are some ideas of how to approach your adjustable lift chair purchase.

Like any reclining chair, you will need to choose a chair to suit your body size. This is an important consideration as larger chairs may have more substantial cushions. Opt for a chair that is too large, and your legs might not touch the ground once sitting straight up. Choose a model that is too small for your body type, and your lower back area and knee position might be affected.

The number of possible positions is a vital feature to contemplate. While choosing chairs, you will see a variety of possible positions, from two, to three to even ‘Infinite’. A two-position power lift chair has a sitting position, a reading (semi-reclined) position, and a lifted or standing position, and a three-position lift chair has a sitting position, a lifted position, a reading position, and a gentle recline for napping. ‘Infinite’ position models have two motors to let the footstool move independently of the rear portion. If you prefer to sit upright with the footrest extended, you will want to choose ‘Infinite’. It is also the best choice for full recline with extended footrest, which is best for elevating the feet above the head and for use as the most comfortable sleep chair, as two and three position recliners cannot achieve a full recline. The limited position chairs support only a ‘semi-recline’ as a result of the single motor.

Another very important consideration is your living space, and where your chair will ultimately reside. Are you planning on putting it into a relatively tight space? You will want to plan in advance when choosing your lift chair, as picking the incorrect model for your area could cause problems. Some chairs can begin near a wall and slide outwards to recline. Look for one that will fit the space in which you’re planning to put the chair, and make sure it will fit all possible positions. Further, chair upholstery is another factor to think on when choosing your chair. Leather may seem luxurious, but it is not always the easiest to clean. Your personal health factors and your living conditions must be considered.

Lastly, many lift chairs come with fancy amenities that should be considered when making a decision, as they might hold the key to a higher quality of life. Consider the Serta Perfect Lift chair from Pride Mobility, which has high-tech additions like gel memory foam cushions, and a USB charger port. Other models may have options like heated seats, raise speed variations, moving seats and even cup holders! These may seem superfluous, however individuals with specific needs might find them very useful, and they should be carefully considered.

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