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Understanding Massage Therapy Accessories

If you are in Canada are starting your own massage therapy company, you will want to ensure that you purchase all the products, accessories and equipment that will not only help you start your business, but high quality products that keep your customers coming back.

The list of accessories you will need in your business include such things as acupuncture needles, moxibustion, cupping, massage, aromatherapy, herbal products, clinic supplies, and medical equipment according to the services you will be providing.

Medical equipment is of course very important which includes stimulators, TDP lamps, and other accessories. Names you will want to choose from include Pointer Plus Excell, Ion Pumping Cord Tester, and mini stimulator clips not to mention a variety of TDP lamps and head replacements.

Clinic supplies are very important as well with many of the products you will want to back stock so you do not run out. A few of these products include disposables, ear sensor probes, rollers, magnetic, seeds, and pellets, utility carts, towel warmers, cleaning products and other accessories.

If you will be providing acupuncture, you will need to learn more about the needles and ensure you choose the ones that will be will be best for your business. These include ShinLin Spring needles, H.L Seo Won, Acu Relaxo, Lierre, Zagu, Seven Star needles, and Special needles.

Moxibustion accessories you may need include Loose moxa, stick on moxa, moxa rolls, and moxa sticks not to mention other accessories

Cupping products include glass cupping, plastic cupping, and silicone cupping.

Massage products include electric massage tables, stationary massage tables, lierre tables, massage chairs, massage stools, body cushions, bottles, pumps, holsters, massage oils, balms, gels, and creams, hot stones, table sheets and covers.

For aromatherapy you will want to choose from a variety of essential oils, diffusers and incense.

Herbal products you may wish to purchase include Chinese formula herbs, DeMonceaux products, plasters, balms, and medical oils.

Other great accessories that will help make your massage therapy business a success is to order various models, animal models, charts, along with CD’s, DVD’s and books.

It is very important that the accessories de massage you choose for your clinic will make your clients feel comfortable so you can provide the best possible services. Finding a company that offers all the equipment you need will ensure you will have a successful therapy clinic that will provide the services for your customers and give them overall well being and health.

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