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7 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle after 60

A healthy lifestyle is something people need to work at daily in order to maintain. After the age of 60, this becomes even more difficult for many people. Additionally, with so much new information it can be so difficult for people to know what is healthy and what isn’t.

Even though it can be challenging at times, there are a lot of ways anyone past the age of 60 can maintain their health. Everyone can use these ideas to create a healthier lifestyle and help the people in their lives do the same. Here are seven tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle after 60.

Work closely with a good doctor

Finding a good doctor is half the battle of staying healthy for many people. Everyone wants to work with someone who is not only knowledgeable in their field, but is also honest and trustworthy. Consider looking into better health care insurance to find a better variety of doctors to choose from.

Know the warning signs

For people after the age of 60, there are certain health risks that they are more susceptible too than they were when they were younger. It is important to know the warning signs for these ailments to know when it is time to get checked out by a professional. People should also know their family medical history to find out what diseases might run in their families.

Stay active

Staying active is important in any stage of life. Many people might find it more difficult to maintain their active lifestyle as they age, but activity every day is still just as important. Those who already have a fitness routine should keep doing what has worked for them in the past, adding modifications as needed.

Get help to start a new activity regimen

Many people will let their physical activity decrease over the years, meaning that they do not have any regular routine by the age of 60. It is not too late to get started again with a new fitness routine. Everyone can seek out the help of a personal trainer to help them find the right combination that will work for their body and their lifestyle.

Create a sustainable diet

Building a healthy diet may be something a person mastered before when they were younger, but the dietary needs of an older person are much different than that of a young person. It is important to rework the diet to make sure all the nutrients needed at this age are covered throughout the day. For example, women may need extra dairy or other sources of calcium than they did before.

Be careful with salt

High blood pressure is common for people over 60. This is the time to start cutting back on the salt and trying to avoid fried foods.

Start snacking

It can be difficult for some people to finish their whole meal in one sitting. This might be a good time to start snacking throughout the day. This can help anyone get the nutrients they need to sustain their energy throughout the day.


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