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The Dos and Don’ts of Starting an Exercise Routine after 50

Fitness is a big part of maintaining an overall healthy body. Many people will try to maintain a fitness routine every day, but it can be difficult to keep up with when work or family obligations get in the way.

Starting a new fitness routine can be difficult at any age. However, people over the age of 50 will have some special concerns to think about. Anyone can use these tips to make sure they are preforming a safe and effective routine daily. Here are the dos and don’ts of starting an exercise routine after 50.

Get a physical first

To make sure that a person is healthy enough to start the exercise regimen that they want to do, they must first seek the help of a healthcare professional to make sure that their body can handle it. A standard physical is usually enough to make sure a person is healthy enough for exercise. It is easy enough finding healthcare insurance plans online today that anyone can get this check done quickly and easily.

Look for low-impact aerobics

There are a lot of different types of aerobic exercise that can raise a person’s heart rate and keep their blood flowing. However, high-impact aerobics are not always the best for people over the age of 50 to practice. To protect a person’s joints, they should try to find low impact moves that produce the same results.

Increase the strength training

Muscle deterioration increases drastically in most people after age 50. The best way to combat this muscle loss is to add strength training exercises into every workout. There are a wide variety of bodyweight exercises and weight lifting exercises that people can use to maintain their muscle condition and build more muscle.

Include elements for flexibility and mobility

As people age, their joints will tend to tighten up and lose their elasticity. It is important to keep the body mobile and flexible by adding training for mobility and stretching into every workout. Most people will find stretching after each workout is enough, and others will like to try specific moves that add mobility as they increase strength.

Make it a part of the daily routine

The best way to stay on track with a new fitness plan at any age is to arrange it into the daily schedule. Planning for each day’s workout will make staying consistent and focused so much easier for everyone. Make time to plan out workouts, even if it is just a half hour a day, to make it part of the normal day’s activities.

Take precautions to prevent injuries

There are a lot of injuries that can happen at any age when exercising. People over age 50 will need to be especially careful that they are taking all the precautions necessary to prevent any common injuries from happening. Some of these precautions include staying hydrated, wearing the proper footwear and making sure to properly warm up before each workout.


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