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How To Deal With The Pressures Of Caring For An Elder


As our population ages, more of us than ever before are taking on care responsibilities for the important seniors in our lives. In an ideal world, of course, everything will go smoothly. The truth is, however, that looking after seniors brings many issues with it - and there is a lot of pressure to deal with.

So, if you are feeling like you are struggling to cope with the demands of looking after elderly loved ones, read on. We’ve pulled together some of the best tips and advice to deal with the strains of senior care - read on to find out more.


Understand their needs

First of all, a lot of the pressures and pains you will encounter when looking after elders is all to do with communication. There is a lot of emotional complexity involved here, for everyone involved. It’s important to lay out expectations and requirements on the table and talk about them. The first thing to get to grips with is your relative’s needs. What do they expect from you, and what can you reasonably give them? Are they happy for you to reach out for outside help? These are all questions that need to be answered sooner rather than later.

Understand the changes

It can be difficult to accept that the parent-child relationship has switched around somewhat. But, it’s important to realize that things will never return to how they were before. Acceptance will help you start writing the new script that will keep your relative - and you - happy in the future. The main thing to remember is that it doesn’t have to be a life of misery - looking after your relatives can be a fun experience, too. And the more fun you try and have, the easier your new situation will be.


Offer options

Wherever possible, always give your parents or relatives options when it comes to making choices. If they can hold onto some semblance of autonomy, they will be happier - and so will you. They will not want you running their lives, and even if you decide that it’s the best way forward, it will bring added pressure. Of course, there may be situations where your parents aren’t capable of making rational decisions. Dementia, for example, can be tough to deal with. Look for expert advice from the likes of for more info. But, until that moment, giving them choices is fair and respectful.

Look after yourself

When you work full-time, have a family, and have to look after your ageing parents, things can get tough. It’s vital that you have regular checkups and lead as healthy a lifestyle as possible if you want to stay fit - and sane! When you are under pressure, it can lead to you developing stress. In turn, stress could result in other conditions such as high blood pressure, or even stroke. According to the likes of, it may also lead to something called adrenal fatigue. It is vital, then, to take your health seriously, keep your stress levels down, and keep yourself fit and active.


Have a support network

Finally, it’s vital to have a support system of your own when you are caring for elderly relatives. Even a quick chat with a friend can help you offload, and blowing off steam can be a great way of dealing with the pressure.

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