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5 Common Health Problems in Over-50s

Getting old is one of the few certainties in life, and as we head through middle age, various health problems become more obvious and occur more frequently. Even if we strive to live a healthy lifestyle with plenty of nutritious food and lots of exercise, some consequences of ageing are unavoidable.  But by recognising the common health problems in people over 50 and taking appropriate action,... ❯❯❯

What to do if you fall over in a Public Space

If you’re out and about in a public space, a trip or fall can be a traumatic experience. If the incident wasn’t your fault, and was caused by the negligence of another, it’s imperative to know what to do. Adhering to the correct guidelines could be the difference between having to put up with excruciating pain and knowing that the injury compensation you receive, by working with a firm such as... ❯❯❯

Mental Health Dementia Research Breakthroughs

New research to help life with dementia Dementia is an incredibly distressing condition, both for the person, often elderly, who is enduring it, and for their friends and family. As the illness progresses, the patient's memory can mean that he or she does not recognise even the most intimate members of their families. Now there is new hope, with research breakthroughs that may promise better... ❯❯❯

5 Ways Caregivers Benefit From Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

Whether you are a family member caring for an elderly loved one or a hired caregiver offering the services that will ensure your senior patients receive the support they need, providing round-the-clock care for someone dealing with physical or mental illness or even incapacitation can be extremely demanding. Although you certainly want to make sure that the seniors in your life are safe, healthy,... ❯❯❯

Dementia Research: There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

Research scientists in Britain are striving to rid society of Dementia. There are teams of scientists striving to develop preventative treatment strategies, to find new ways to diagnose the disease and ultimately, cure it. Top British scientists are pursuing groundbreaking, innovative research programmes and their goal is to rid the world of Dementia. Dementia is a general term for decline in... ❯❯❯

When is the Right Time to Retire your Driver's Licence?

Many people are heavily reliant on their ability to drive, and this is something that we start to take for granted over the years. However, as we get older our abilities and capabilities can change quite dramatically and this can affect the ability to drive safely amongst other things. After decades of driving, it can be quite difficult to think about retiring your driving licence. However, you... ❯❯❯

Senior Care: Anticipating And Handling It

Senior care is becoming a hot topic today. The average age of most developed countries is increasing. Along with this increase in longevity comes an increase in various needs associated with age. More and more middle-aged adults have to face a host of issues as their parents retire and begin to experience the slow loss of physical and mental faculties.  Common Senior Care Issues • Signs  Many... ❯❯❯

Common Symptoms and Causes of Neck Pain

Next to back pain, neck pain is one of the most common forms of chronic pain. Pain in the neck can be caused by a number of different factors, like sleeping in the wrong position and even bad posture. And because our necks spend a majority of the time keeping our 8-pound heads upright, the pain can be even more excruciating and uncomfortable. Moreover, neck pain can be caused by a number of... ❯❯❯

Top 5 Pain Management Tips for Seniors

Millions upon millions of people suffer from chronic pain. However, it seems like the elderly bear the brunt of this affliction, mainly due to the effects that aging can have. Aging can have a tsunami effect on the body and can effect the bones, joints and muscles and can cause a number of diseases, like osteoporosis, which can cause excruciating pain. A whopping 88% of elderly people report some... ❯❯❯

How to Find a Reputable Nursing Home for Your Elderly Parent

For every son or daughter, there might come that sad day when your parent needs additional assistance to live on his or her own. If they are having trouble with their memory, motor skills or are having a hard time with taking care of themselves, your best option is to find a nursing home so that they don’t hurt themselves by falling or get ill by forgetting to take their medication or not eating.... ❯❯❯

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