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Personal Injury Claims Advice & Support for the elderly

If you’re an elderly person who has had an accident that you believe could have been prevented, then there might be a chance that you’d like to talk to a personal injury lawyer to make a claim. Perhaps you had a fall during the winter months on a pavement that wasn’t gritted, or slipped in a shop on a wet surface that had no warning signs around it. With all the different TV adverts about personal injury claims, sometimes it can be confusing to know who to call and whether or not you would even have a claim. To help you along, here are some answers to FAQs and tips to help you understand the basics.

How do I know if I have a claim?

If you have had an accident and you think that it was caused by somebody else’s lack of care, then you could be entitled to compensation. There are certain regulations in place around as roads and pavements being gritted during bad weather, warning signs in place around building work and so on. If you had an accident and can prove that someone did not take the necessary precautions to prevent it, then you may have a claim.

How can I prove that it wasn’t my fault?

Did anyone witness the accident? Was anybody around at the time that could confirm that there were none of the necessary precautions in place that may have prevented your accident? Any extra evidence that you might be able to get would be of assistance to your claim.

When should I see my doctor?

Medical notes will be required for you to make a claim, so visit your doctor as soon as possible after your accident so that they can accurately diagnose your injury.

Who should I contact?

When you have an accident you should contact an injury lawyer as soon as possible so that the detail is as fresh in your mind as it can be. Michael Jefferies Injury Lawyers cover all aspects of personal injury from medical negligence to traffic and road accidents, working on a no win no fee basis.

I don’t know if I feel up to making a claim, what should I do?

Personal injury cases can take a long time to settle, and there is no guarantee that you will win. Consider whether you can cope with the stress that this may bring, balancing that with the extent of your injuries and how they may be affecting your everyday life.

As an elderly person, an accident can leave you less active then you had been before so it is important to know your rights and speak to a lawyer. Remember not to feel pushed or pressured into pursuing a claim, even if the lawyers feel as though you have a strong case - as the final decision is down to you.

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