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Why Care Homes Are Under Increased Scrutiny and What You Can Do About It

Where do we begin? The UK is struggling with a scandal that most average individuals will not understand. Their beloved NHS has been accused of ignoring reports of elder care abuse and issuing gag orders against whistleblowers that prohibit publication of negative opinions on the NHS, its staff, or the scandal. A recent report on Wintercare View care home[1] is just one example of care home abuse, neglect, bullying, and physical violence. UK citizens are struggling to reaffirm their faith in care homes due to a recurring fear of patient mistreatment. We are here to tell you that neglecting your care will only make matters worse. Instead, adopt the suggestions highlighted below:

  1. We Don’t Want Another Chinese Law!

The most common acts of abuse are against those patients, who struggle with memory loss or communication, mental or physical disability, and those who find it difficult to ‘get along’ with their caregiver or who’s caregiver is under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any other addictive substance. Therefore, when you know that a family member is receiving care at a care home, don’t just drop them off and forget about them. Otherwise, Britain might have to introduce a law similar to the Chinese where children might be obligated to visit their parents or face a fine.[2]

When staff are conscious of the fact that their actions go unnoticed, they will continue resorting to abuse and violence. If there is a system of accountability in place, perhaps abuse and violence can be curbed. After all, humans have the best instincts when it comes to sensing abuse. So check up on your loved one constantly. In addition to winning the “best son or daughter” award, you can ensure that your loved one is protected.

  1. Continue Reporting Abuse

The only way a system of checks and balances can be introduced is by a continuous system of reporting. In addition to national regulation, individuals, on learning of abuse, must report them to the concerned authority at the earliest. Don’t feel like your plea won’t be heard. There is an increasingly level of oversight being introduced by the NHS and vigilant citizens will add value to this system. This doesn’t mean you should only be concerned with your own problem, if instances of abuse involving other patients are noticed, report them as well.

Alternatively, think about taking legal action. Before resorting to legal action though, collect adequate proof. Because most cases of abuse will come down to a matter of ‘he said, she said’.   If you need legal assistance, contact today.

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