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Taking Care of Your Beauty in an Assisted Living Facility

Maybe you need a haircut and would not be in a good position to move around. However if you look beautiful, you feel good, right ? Grooming usually improves one’s self-esteem and cultivate a positive self-image. Feeling pretty or looking good is something people in assisted living facilities should not give up. There is no reason to think past a certain age taking care of your skin, your nails, your hair or your look.
Moreover, now you dont have to got o salons or beauty parlors outside the facility, these services can now be brought to them. Because despite the tremendous sanitation efforts made by salons owners and managers, these places are still public places with possibly tens of persons going in and out every day. Now the services are brought to you in the comfort of the assisted living facility. And this saves you from worrying about your safety traveling to the salon’s physical location.
Senior citizens can receive many mobile beauty services in an assisted living facility or their home. Mobile beauty services usually refer to services brought to you by the beauty pro coming with all the required equipment. But not all beauty services are easily “mobile”, like facial or hair removal. Even something like hair coloration services with the different steps involving wash, color, rinse, style is not easy to provide when the customer is not in a salon.

Mobile Hairstyling

Basically Mobile hairstylists and mobile barbers coming to you are independent stylists, meaning they work themselves, and they go to clients at various places to service them : their homes, hotels, or where ever hair or beauty services may be needed outside of the salon. 
Mobile stylists put together hair styling tools and products they need for haircutting and hairstyling.
The stylists transport their equipment with them to their client, they clean and sanitize it between each client.
Once they arrive at the assisted living facility, either they can use a specific room booked to service several customers in a row or they head to the home of the specific client they came for.
Regarding the COVID19 situation, it is strongly recommended to have your hair done outdoors or in a room that is adequately ventilated.
Besides getting a haircut at home, you also maintain your unique sense of style. A professional mobile hairstylist will visit the assisted living facility and provide a makeover. 
You can have a light trim, a full haircut and style or just have fun and experiment new styling ideas or hair colorations … Once again a beautiful hair style will raise your confidence and help you focus less on your ailments or health issues.

Foot and Nail Care 

You can also schedule a visitation for foot and nail care while at the assisted living facility. Depending on the condition of your feet, health history, and nails, the best solution is to hire a professional who can work on your feet considering any complications you may be facing due to health reasons.
The process is the same as for a mobile hairstylist, weather permitting, the beauty specialist should service you outdoors.

Make up 

Skincare and makeup are not just meant for people out in the public. Even those living in assisted living facilities can embrace styling and beauty services that help them feel the best they could be. 
Mobile makeup services will bring the convenience you need to style yourself for events in the assisted living facility. You can also make it a skincare routine if you consider keeping your skin glowing.
All the beauty services you got while at home can be delivered to you without inconveniencing your comfort. Probably in the next years in the US, aging in place will developed based on a whole range of new services that will be available at your home. For more information about those services delivered at-home, have a look at this blog :

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