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Tips for Starting a Liver Detox

Beginning a liver detox can be one of the best things you do for your health journey if you have never done it before. That being said, in order to have a successful detox that will have long-term benefits, there are some key tips that you need to know about. 

Here is everything you need to know about how to start a successful liver detox with long-term benefits. 

First Off, Why Would You Do a Liver Detox?

Most detox programs have a certain amount of commitment to them and can tend to even have unpleasant characteristics. For example, a healthy liver detox might mean that you experiment and try out new superfoods you have never tried before. It could also mean fasting from certain normal dietary items like alcohol or fried foods. 

This can be challenging even if it’s for a short period of time, so knowing why you are doing a liver detox will help to motivate you through it! 

The first thing you need to know is that liver detox is a great move for helping kickstart your long-term liver health. The liver is the largest organ in the body and it has 500 unique functions. Life would not be sustainable without this incredible, dynamic organ. While the liver is responsible for a myriad of different things, here are some of the most important functions that it provides for your body. 

The Liver Creates Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a vital blood lipid that helps to transport nutrients through your entire body. While there are what are commonly known as good and bad cholesterol, the simple truth is that you need cholesterol to survive and your liver synthesizes this compound. 

The Liver Helps In Digestion

One of the most important things to get in through your diet is essential fatty acids. Proteins, carbs, and fats are three of the most important parts of a well-balanced diet. That being said, fatty acids can be extremely hard for your body to naturally break down. The liver is responsible for creating bile which the small intestine uses to specifically help break down large molecules like fats. 

Without your liver, you wouldn’t be able to properly digest the nutrition you need to survive. 

Your Liver Filters Your Blood

The ability your liver has to filter your blood is perhaps the most famous function that your liver performs. In fact, when most people think of liver-related illnesses or issues, they typically think of the damage that can be done to the liver through excessive alcohol consumption. Your liver is the first line of defense when it comes to filtering out toxins and potentially harmful substances from your blood supply. 

Embarking on a liver detox is a way of helping to promote this incredible organ in all of its functions and help you stay healthy. No matter where you are at in your health journey, liver detox is a good way to stop, evaluate, and kickstart some healthy habits that you may not currently be practicing. 

Set Your Expectations

The number one tip for starting a detox is setting realistic expectations. An effective, meaningful detox will mean committing to a rigorous diet of superfoods and being faithful with nutritional supplements. 

The goal of a detox is long-term health, and it acts as the doorway toward building long-term habits. So understand that this isn’t going to be forever, but commit to it while it lasts and try and set up realistic expectations. For example, a realistic goal is to walk away with one nutritional supplement you’ll continue to take, or a superfood you’ll continue to put in your diet after your detox. 

Understand What a Detox is Not

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with a liver detox is in thinking that it is something it was never intended, or could never realistically be. Detox is never going to be a quick solution to chronic problems, and there is no data that points to a detox being capable of reversing the damage. 

A detox is not the answer to being irresponsible either. For example, there is a common myth that a liver detox is a great way to undo the effects of a wild weekend of excess when it comes to alcohol or poor dietary choices. While kicking into a detox of superfoods and great cellular supplements can definitely help you feel better on Monday, it won’t undo the effects of Friday through Sunday! 


There is never a better time than now to start making more healthy, long-term decisions for your liver, and a detox is a great way to jump into just that. A liver detox will help you to focus on your liver’s health. It promotes your liver’s health with the nutrients and supplements it needs and gives you a running start at habits that will make real, long-lasting changes.