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Alzheimer's and Elderly Care

Caring for those you love that are either elderly or in any stage of Alzheimer's can be a frightening and humbling experience. If your loved one needs help with senior care, elderly care, health assistance and Alzheimer's care it's important to make sure to do proper research. Leaving your loved one with someone who's not educated in the disease of Alzheimer's can be a big mistake. Below I'll be discussing how to speak and interact with someone afflicted with Alzheimer's.

What is Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer's is a progressive disease that first starts with the memory, if your loved one is becoming more forgetful they may be in early stages of Alzheimer's. Acting just like dementia a person may experience loss of speech capabilities as well as thought, once the disease has progressed to its full extent the patent will be helpless and dependent on a care taker.

What can You do?

How do you deal with this? Well since Alzheimer's is not curable the only way to deal with this is to manage it as compassionately and patently as possible. It's important to keep things simple, allowing the person to focus on a subject or task is important, distractions or talking to quickly will surly confuse them leaving them feeling disoriented and you feeling defeated. Bathing and eating can be a challenge as well, you have to understand that confusion of even the simplest of tasks is common so be patent and speak in a positive tone. People affected with Alzheimer's also experience issues with sleeping, it's important to make sure that a regular bed time is scheduled and the atmosphere is comfortable, quiet and peaceful. Things like TV or company is best left for earlier in the day.

If your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer's remember to be patient with them, they can't help this! If you need assistance with your loved one simply do your research to find a licensed nurse to help aid them in a better quality of life!

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