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Guide to Understanding Care Home Fees

More than 20,000 people in the UK are forced to sell their homes to meet the increasing cost of care homes. If you are concerned that you don’t understand care home fees or you feel you may not be able to meet the rising care costs you may want to consider the following points about the fees:

- When looking at the cost of a care home, it is not only the type of home that determines the cost but it is also the overall location that will affect the price. Fees for home care do vary depending on the area you live and the most expensive can cost as much as £1,000 each week. As these fees are set to rise, it is best to research the care homes in your region in order to find a home that is reasonably priced.

- There are different types of care that you should understand. As well as providing meals and staff that assist the residents, care homes typically offer housing that provides the facilities for dressing and bathing. However, they do not automatically provide nursing care. If a member of your family has a health condition that requires full time nursing care and support, it is important to choose a care home that offers nursing care. You must also consider that nursing homes offering these services will be a bit more expensive than those that do not.

1. When looking it to care homes it is difficult to distinguish whether you are eligible for assistance or not. Anyone who has more than £23,250 in property and assets is not eligible for assistance to help pay for home care fees. Whereas, if you have property or other assets that total more than £23,250, there is a good chance that you will be responsible for paying all of the fees. If you have less in property and assets you may qualify for assistance but even with help from the government, you may still need additional cash to help pay the full cost.

You can offset these fees by ensuring that you have money in savings or insurance that can assist when paying for home care fees. As the cost of living rises, many more elderly people are being forced to sell their homes, leaving many people to wonder if they will ever live comfortably in the future.

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