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Discover the Benefits of a Heavy Duty Boot Dryer

Ever wanted the ability to dry your boots, shoes, or gloves without creating that unpleasant odor, or having to wait so long for them to air dry? Thankfully, the heavy-duty boot dryer is a machine that can do all of this and more. Whether you work in all kinds of weather and need a way of keeping your boots dry, or you love winter sports, and want a faster way to get your gear dried and ready, this boot dryer is for you. 

What Are Some of The Best Reason For Buying a Heavy Duty Boot Dryer?

There’s no doubt that the heavy-duty boot dryer from Everlasting Comfort is a quality piece of technology that is built to increase your comfort. Here is a look at some of the real best reasons you should have one of these in your home. 

Dries Multiple Garments

The best thing about the heavy-duty boot dryer is that it brings convenience and comfort back into your life when it comes to drying boots and other garments. This four-cylinder machine is built to not only handle getting your boots, no matter their make or style, dry, but also can dry things like gloves, socks, mittens, or even soccer cleats.

It can handle multiple garments thanks to its unique design. Designed with two heavy heating and drying cylinders in the back that can manage larger items like helmets and boots, it also has two smaller heating cylinders in the front for smaller pieces. This means you can get more bang for your buck and dry multiple garments at the same time. 

Heat Reduces Bacteria 

One of the absolute worst parts of air drying your wet shoes, socks, or heavy-duty boots, is the foul odor that is produced. This happens because of the bacteria that are allowed to grow in your garments as they slowly air dry. If you have ever left a pair of shoes, socks, or boots on the porch to dry, then you’re familiar with this particular unpleasantness. 

Even in the open air, this can be a problem, and the smell may be so bad that you feel you need to run your shoes through a wash cycle. Thankfully, that can be avoided due to the fact that the heavy-duty boot dryer relies on heat to get the job done. Instead of allowing the moisture to slowly evaporate, giving horrible smelling bacteria time to grow, the heavy-duty boot dryer avoids this unpleasantness altogether. 

Once you start experiencing the benefit of drying your shoes in a sanitary way that doesn’t create a stench, you won’t want to go back. 

Fast, Efficient, Drying

Aside from the foul odor of air drying your shoes, socks, or boots, the other unpleasant side of air drying these items is the time it takes. On average, it can take up to two days for things like shoes and boots to fully dry. No one likes the unpleasant feeling of slightly soggy shoes. However, more often than not you run into a situation when air drying shoes or boots where you are forced to wear them before they have completed drying. 

This is where one of the biggest benefits of the heavy-duty boot drying comes into play. With this device, you will always be able to dry your boots or shoes without the innocence of long wait times. The heavy-duty boot dryer only runs for a maximum time of 180 minutes and can handle anything you throw its way in that amount of time. 

Switch Between Ozone and Heat or Both

With the ability to alternate what kind of power you want, the heavy-duty boot dryer comes with the option to turn on ozone function, or just the heat drying, or both. The ozone function is the anti-odor function of the machine and should be used only when it’s needed to save on energy. The heat switch turns up the heat to give your garments a nice warm feel. 

The heavy-duty boot dryer uses Forced Air technology to dry the boots, however, it doesn’t create an offensive or abrasive airflow. Turning on the heat switch will help to expedite the process, but mainly adds an element of comfort so your items are nice and warm when you pull them off the rack. The Ozone switch, which controls the deodorizing function, can be used on any garment. 

Loved By Customers

Lastly, the heavy-duty boot dryer is a loved product with satisfied customers. Check out their reviews, and see how this incredible machine can help transform your home and bring an added level of comfort. 


Finding ways to keep your home odor-free from drying boots, shoes, and other garments that regularly get wet like mittens or gloves is a walk in the park with the heavy-dut boot dryer. This incredible machine works hard to keep your garments dry, sanitary, and odor-free so you can enjoy them. 

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