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Reasons why your kid is getting continuously sick

From a general perspective, no child is really like the other. From the way they develop in the mother’s womb, to birth, growth, and development, all children generally have significant differences. After all, they all develop into different individuals.

 The health of kids is also the same. Even those born of the same mother and growing in the same environment may register a very different state of health. Some will be more resistant to common ailments while others fall sick on the slightest trigger. Naturally, parents get very worried when their kids fall sick all too often. But why would your child be continuously sick? In this article, we explore some of the reasons why your child may fall sick more frequently than others.

Hereditary factors

The transmission of genes from parents to their children may be a contributing factor to the frequent sicknesses of a child. Parents pass physical and nonphysical traits to their children including intelligence and aptitudes.

In the same strain diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes can also be passed on to the child. If your child is continuously getting sick, it is advisable to run the necessary tests to identify the real cause of such ailments. Work closely with Bulk Billed House call doctors to help identify conditions that might have been passed from either parent and henceforth correct them accordingly.

 Living environment

The general outlook of the environment you live in can also contribute to frequent attacks of diseases on your child. General hygiene; observing personal cleanliness, clean surfaces, toilet, and waste disposal process are some of the important elements to look out for and help improve general health.

Other than personal and general environmental hygiene, other resources such as water, land, and air can also contribute to the well-being of your children. For instance, pollution from industries can affect your kid’s breathing and cause infections. Polluted water can cause cholera and diarrhea while bushy surroundings and stagnant water can cause can encourage mosquito survival and hence frequent malaria attacks. 

General environmental hygiene is necessary not only for kids’ health but for adults too. Therefore ensuring that where your children play, stay and even their toys are clean enough can help eliminate frequent bouts of diseases.

Immunity/ Feeding 

Our health is significantly influenced by what we feed on. Through the intake of essential minerals, we can boost the performance of our body and help to fight diseases. This is also very realistic in the health of kids and even more important in developing children.

 There is a myriad of recommendations touching on how children should feed right from conception, to six months of age and so on. If your child is falling sick frequently, it may be a result of a lack of some important minerals in the body. Work with healthcare providers to determine what is needed most for your child as a way of improving their general health and wellbeing.

The basic point of proper nutrition is a formula that includes carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins. Provide this in a scheduled manner for your child over a period of time in for them to grow wholesomely.

Exposure to Harmful Substances

Within your home, the school environment and your kid’s playground, ensure that the child is not exposed to harmful substances that may lead to deterioration of health. Even a single exposure to harmful substances can lead to lifetime negative effects of your child’s health. 

At the same time, ensure that substances such as medicine, herbicides, oil, grease among others are safely kept within your home. You can also use a different approach of teaching your child what constitutes harmful substances and what they should avoid.

Not Getting enough Sleep

Sleep is an important component of the growth and development of your child. Just like it is in adults, enough sleep contributes to both proper mental and physical health. 

In the modern technology age, children have access to entertainment gadgets that may keep them up at night longer than necessary. It’s advisable to have proper control of such gadgets within your home and ensure that they are used in moderation. Allow enough sleep for proper growth and to eliminate detrimental health effects on your kid.

Balance between work and play

Play is an important part of your child’s life. However, play must also be balanced with work in order to bring up an all-round person. Importantly, ensure that both are harmonized and there is enough time for rest as well.


The health of an individual is a personal issue and must be dealt with from a personalized perspective. In this regard, the best way to understand why your kid is continuously sick is to check around for factors that contribute to this sickness. Correcting some of the elements mentioned above can significantly improve the long term health of your kid. The key thing, however, should be working with healthcare providers to help improve your kid’s health.

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