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Senior Dental Care Means Overall Good Health

Senior dental care is a small part of the important process of aging. There are many great benefits to aging. With more years comes valuable experience, the joy of watching families expand and develop, and the delight of seeing children married and spoiling precious grandchildren.

However, one thing that many seniors will say they don’t love about aging is that their bodies are not quite what they used to be. This can be a factor in a number of ways, from arthritis to osteoporosis. Teeth are no exception, which is why senior dental care is increasingly important for folks who want their smiles to be pearly white and healthy for a lifetime.  

Finding a Dentist or Periodontist

Not all dentists will specialize in senior dental care. A good strategy to find a dentist who works with seniors is to simply do an online search and use some consumer reviews to compare local dentists who cater to the needs of this community. Schedule an appointment with a few of the dentists you find who work with seniors. Interview each dentist to see if they will be the right fit for the senior in need of care, and also check to make sure they take the appropriate insurance. These easy steps should make it simple to find a dentist that will work well with an older patient.

Specialized Care for Dentures and Dental Implants

Many older dental patients have a need for dentures and dental implants. Dentures make up much of what senior dental care deals with and it is no secret that these dental prosthetics can cause some annoying problems. Many patients have problems keeping their dentures — especially the lower ones — in place. Dentures can also cause some issues with over-salivating, and of course they need to be cleaned just like regular teeth since plaque and tartar can build up. 

Keeping dentures in place can be solved through implant-supported dentures or the placement of dental implants. A qualified dentist or periodontist can counsel seniors regarding the best options for them, taking into account both financial and health issues. It is best to find a dentist who specializes in senior dental care to help deal with the potential complications that arise with dentures and dental implants.

Special Needs For Seniors

Finding an expert in senior dental care can also put senior patients more at ease. Seniors tend to be harder of hearing than their youthful counterparts, so a dentist that can make himself understood is oftentimes appreciated. Seniors also have other health issues that younger patients do not usually have, and a dentist that is familiar with these issues can make treatment safer for the patient while at the same time giving them valuable peace of mind.

An extra investment of time and effort to find the best dentist or periodontist for your needs can result in great overall dental health for a lifetime.

Robert Seitzinger investigates a wide range of dental issues, including those involving specialized care for seniors provided by Dr. David Goldwyn, a periodontist at Portland Periodontics

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