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The Best and Safest Exercises for Elderly People

Many people around the world always search for the best and safe ways to make their aging parents healthy and strong. It is obviously very tiring to image a caregiver’s role. It is bad to realize that the man who lifted you high in the air for fun is now the same who is struggling to just climb the first staircase and the woman who spent hours in the kitchen to cook all your favourite foods is now the same who can hardly lift a pan to prepare dinner. When the realities and your memories are clashing, it is the time you should think for some way to make your parents be able to do the basic activities by themselves.

Following are some of the best and safest exercising tips for the elderly people to make them healthy and strong. Make your loved ones follow these simple exercises; you will soon realize the difference in their strength and confidence!

Walking Regularly

Lean muscles can promote strong bones and healthy weight. The truth is, “use it or lose it”. The cheapest and simplest exercise is nothing but walking. Seniors who can walk at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week can gradually improve their strength levels. However, while walking, make sure you choose a level surface that has no obstructions.

Water Exercises

The most appreciating way to assist your loved ones make strong is by making them follow a regular routine of safe exercises. Many gerontologists worldwide recommend water exercises particularly for elderly people. You may not have a pool at home. But the local YMCA facility has experts who can train you to lead the safest water classes. Water exercises add gentle resistance to other workout routines and decrease the stress on your joints!

Chair Exercises

Seniors who have trouble to walk for longer time period or those who have trouble balancing usually find chair exercises as the most beneficial and thus use them at home programs. Chair exercises are mostly followed by those who suffer from Arthritis. These programs are usually designed to help in strengthening your muscles and bones without any exertion to your joints and lungs. You can even add weight to your chair exercises if you want to!

Take Expert Advice

Before you start any sort of senior exercise routines, you need to consider your loved elder ones’ health, hence it is advised to take the advice of a primary care physician. Another effective way to resource your caregiver is to consult a physical therapist or an elderly care service or a home health care service provider for useful suggestions.

Experts usually give advice for seniors based on the seniors’ health needs and their current fitness levels. Also, some caregiver providers make it their priority to deal with a physician to offer this information.

Exploring with various types of safe exercises for seniors is highly recommended to choose before they reach a stage where they become fragile. The earlier you begin, the more like you can benefit from the programs.

If you see the signs on your elderly parents or other loved ones – do not just wait, help them start their exercising routine today!

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